Paradigm Consultants and Resource Management: An End-To-End Startup Consultant Offering Bespoke Consultancy Services

CIO Vendor Startups have become a key player in the modern industrial landscape of the country. A recent study shows that the total amount of startups increased to 9300 by the end of 2019. Many such business ventures have gone on to creating unprecedented success stories that have even shocked the industry experts. Although the country’s attitude towards startups is favorable, many new business ventures still struggle to get a foothold in the market. In this modern competitive environment where reputed companies are using the consulting services of various specialized consultants, startups are forced to up their game to have any chance of survival. Helping newbies in their growth by offering bespoke end-to-end consultancy services is Paradigm Consultants and Resource Management. Starting to work in the educational strata in 1998, Paradigm Consultants has been pioneering the startup consultancy sector for the past five years. Headed by a noted Edupreneuer, Dr. Parag Diwan, Paradigm Consultants operates with a mission to help young entrepreneurs achieve their dream and create an attractive and supportive startup culture in India.

With the higher education industry witnessing rapid developments and changes in the past several years, many institutions have failed to cope up with the changing market requirements and perished. By constantly evolving with the industry requirements and technological advancements,
Paradigm Consultants has been able to put some clear daylight between them and the rest of the competition. “We have been operating in the higher education sector for decades now and this experience has helped us a lot to not only grow ourselves but also help innumerable startups in their journey towards success. Our ability to offer bespoke consultancy services to our HE clients has helped us develop into a recognized name in the industry. Owing to the fact that we have national and international client institutions, we have had proper exposure to various education verticals that have helped us to expand our horizons”, says Dr. Parag Diwan, Chief Executive Officer, Paradigm Consultants.

Adding about the range of services offered by the company, Dr. Parag includes, “There are 3 or 4 things that our clients approach us with and that includes idea validation and to check whether it is a viable and robust idea that can be scalable. Then clients come for formulating strategic plans and we help them in putting together a plan as well as help them to identify what all resources would be required. The third thing that people come to us is for creating the pitch for funding purposes and attracting investors. People also come to us for product conceptualization and we help them in creating the prototype of the product and launch it in the market successfully. We always make sure that we offer only the best to our clients so that we can be part of their growth and success story. For us, the success of our clients is more important and because of that we only charge very nominal for the services that we offer.”

Paradigm Consultants owes its success to their well-knit team of employees who between them have got decades of industry experience. Owing to the fact that they deal with clients who are working with the most modern technology, team Paradigm Consultants always make sure that they keep abreast with the latest technological innovations and advancements. The company also provides regular training for their employees on the latest technologies so that they always stay on top of their game. Aiming to realize their vision of creating an equal playground for startups to grow and develop, Paradigm Consultants is planning to start an incubation center and accelerator in the coming years. To identify young entrepreneurs from the grass-root level, they are also aiming to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem at multiple educational institutions.