NICHE Intellectual Property Offices: One-Stop Solution Provider Reinforcing the Boundaries of IP Rights

CIO Vendor Considered as a key factor to drive the overall economic growth across the globe, Intellectual Property (IP) rights ensure safe and guaranteed products to the consumers. With initiatives like ‘Make in India’ gaining prominence in the country, IP rights have emerged an elusive necessity to highlight the authenticity of products in global trade platforms. As per a recent report by World Intellectual Property Indicators, in recent years India has witnessed a significant growth of IP filings which placed it in 10th position amongst 44 countries in the list of IP filing activities by origin. With most of the youths inclining towards technology and research based innovations, the IP rights industry is expected to experience phenomenal growth which will thrust the economic potential of India. Established in 2004 by Niloy Kumar Gupta out of his passion for IP rights, NICHE Intellectual Property Offices has emerged as a one-stop solution provider of Intellectual Property (IP) rights. Drawing inspiration from his father who was also an ex-controller of Patents and Designs, Niloy Kumar Gupta had always been fascinated towards IP law and promptly took VRS to make a career in it.

Elaborating about the journey of the firm in the market, Shuman to Gupta, Advocate, NICHE Intellectual Property Offices states, “The current market demand for IP rights is booming each and every day. Professionals like industrialists and researchers are getting aware about safeguarding their
intellectual copyrights and enhancing their work ethics with the growth of opportunities. The evolution of NICHE Intellectual Property Offices into a leading name is because of hard work, experience and time. With more than 16 years of profound experience since 2004, now we have a team with lots of experience in intellectual property rights which also consists of some of the ex-officials of IP rights of the Indian government. With expertise in drafting patent specifications, filing applications for patent in India, filing PCT applications and National Phase applications in various countries, filing and disposal of Pre and Post Grant oppositions our firm also deals with Appellate Board matter and Litigations.”

Talking about the intellectual minds behind the success of NICHE Intellectual Property Offices, Shuman to shares, “We are a team of professionals having extensive legal experience and higher educational backgrounds. I am a Senior Advocate at bar as well as a member of the IP bar and have represented India in a number of international seminars worldwide concerning the matters related to IP litigation. Our founder, Niloy Kumar Gupta is an ex controller of patent and design who was also the head of the Kolkata IP office. Niloy Gupta represented India during the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in Geneva, Whiteboard. One of the other senior partners of the firm, P C Chakraborty was also a controller of patents and design in India and had also been appointed as Supreme Court judge by IP forum for Novartis case which was going on back then."

NICHE Intellectual Property Offices comprises a group of Patent Attorneys and Advocates with longstanding experience dealing with matters connected with IPRs, namely Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Geographical Indications and Copyrights and other office procedures with respective Intellectual Property Offices in India. A full-time IP law firm dealing with matters related to intellectual property rights, NICHE Intellectual Property Offices stands out among its competitors due to its unique range of services including consultation in regard to Licensing, Agreements, and Assignments of different intellectual property. The firm also provides further consultation in the fields of Registration of Companies, ISO, CE & CCC Certifications and Taxes. Full time committed to IP rights, NICHE Intellectual Property Offices is hopeful to embrace the future by ascending the growth graph exponentially.