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TransFunnel Consulting: A True Visionary Practicing Innovative Approach to Stay Ahead in the Indian Digital Marketing Realm

CIO Vendor The marketing automation industry is growing and has become one of the most important trends in the digital space. It is about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. But it’s still a new concept to plenty of marketers.

In mid-2015 Kapil had his Eureka moment, getting hold of something that is yet to evolve in the local market and has a good chance in the global market too. The answer was Marketing Automation, where there were very few players in the Indian market, and he had gained much expertise and hands-on experience during his 8-year stint in the IT industry lead to the foundation of TransFunnel consulting!

Guided by Kapil’s impeccable market expertise, TransFunnel Consulting has been scaling to new heights and has grown into one of the premier brands in the industry.

TransFunnel offers a plethora of consulting services including HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and Sales force Consulting. They are a one-stop solution for all marketing automation, technological and design needs, currently serving clients across 11 countries. Kapil is the only HubSpot Certified Trainer in India and TransFunnel is the only Diamond partner to HubSpot in India and SEA. What makes them stand out from the competition is the fact that they believe in providing Growth and technology-driven approach
to clients. “We help our clients by understanding their requirements and offering the best possible solution and let them be self-reliant by training their team to use the tool. Our Design Services helps clients with SEO friendly, mobile responsive, faster loading websites along with smaller requirements of landing page developments, emailers, and so on, for their marketing campaigns. Inbound marketing helps clients to generate traffic, convert visitors to leads and engage the visitor with smart content throughout their buying journey. This has helped clients increase ROI with activities like lead generation campaigns, AccountBased Marketing (ABM), remarketing, and more. When we say we are the best in the industry we mean it and the happy clients are a testimony to this.” says Kapil, Founder, TransFunnel Consulting.

TransFunnel has ventured into new verticals they have started with creating product suites that will enable startups, midsize businesses and enterprises

Their culture is at the heart of their organisation. They have an open culture and a flat hierarchy. And they are open to remote working as well, its talent rather than the location. Currently, they have employees working from 5 different locations. (Bangalore, Jaipur, Pune, Lucknow and Guwahati) Out of these, Bangalore, Pune and Jaipur are where we have offices and the rest work from home. Kapil adds that “We are a flexible organisation with multiple offices. We offer flexible working hours and don’t count the number of hours they put in, but evaluate performance based on work.”

TransFunnel has also ventured into new verticals they have started with creating product suites that will enable startups, mid-size businesses and enterprises. The plan is already in motion, 2 products will be launched by the end of February this year. And they have stepped into the education industry with launching Inbound Academy in Bangalore and Jaipur for startup founders, fresh graduates and young professionals starting their career in Inbound and marketing automation. It will also help young entrepreneurs in the field of digital marketing.