Ranjana Roy Gawai: A Trailblazer Leading the Legal Industry with Passion and Experience

CIO Vendor Show casing impeccable ability to lead manage and administrate, today women are conquering the corporate world on their own terms. The long list of leading women entrepreneurs certainly conveys that staying confined within the norms of the society is no more the forte of modern women. A strategic approach to bridging the available gaps and remodeling the market with innovative and inspiring ideas has led the upheaval of many women leaders and Ranjana Roy Gawai is one of them. A proficient law practitioner with enormous knowledge in the field of Corporate and Commercial laws, Ranjana was quick enough to notice the legal challenges faced by the Indian startups. Already an expert with a decade of practice and longstanding experience in Corporate Litigation as an indomitable leader and professional, Ranjana put together a team of like minded individuals who had the capabilities to cater to the client's demands and established RRG & Associates in 2010 with a vision to contribute significantly to the Corporate Commercial litigation and Corporate Advisory sector.

The Onset of a Courageous Journey
Starting out in the mostly male dominated industry, Ranjana had to work twice as hard and twice as better to gain the recognition and respect that she has garnered today. Talking about the hardships faced by women in legal sector, Ranjana Roy Gawai, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, RRG & Associates says, "Though in recent years there has been an increase in the number of women joining the legal profession, both in the private law firms as well as the judiciary they don't have equal access to senior positions. The working environment and office hours in most law firms are still more suitable for male lawyers compared to their female counterparts. Women entering the legal profession have to face a multitude of obstacles to pursue a successful career like traditional sexual stereo types, inflexible workplace structures, and inadequate access to mentoring. While recent years having witnessed major improvements there is still a long way to go."

Holding a great deal of empathy for the women entrepreneurs, Ranjana feelsthat women entrepreneurs are more capable of multi tasking and are capable of handling various fronts at the same time. "They possess keener attention to detail and have a multi dimensional approach to problem solving. I also believe that women are socialized to be more relationship oriented, which is a big plus when it comes to collaboration and working along side women entrepreneurs. At RRG & Associates, we believe in
promoting the growth of women in every industry. Being a femaleled firm, we are always seeking active avenues to help women reach their potential. We help women entrepreneurs achieve their desired results by providing them with a timeline, concrete numbers and specifics on what it is that we can help them accomplish", she adds. Under the adept guidance of Ranjana, RRG & Associates now specializes in advising top corporate in their business activities including investments and intends on delivering quality legal services of international standards across service lines relevant to the business.

Holding A Great Deal Of Empathy For The Women Entrepreneurs, Ranjana Feels That Women Entrepreneurs Are More Capable Of Multitasking And Are Capable Of Handling Various Fronts At The Same Time

On the Sail
Comprising of expertise reinforced by the indepth experience and knowledge of specific industries and their regulatory, financial, and technological characteristics, RRG & Associates assists its Clients as they operate, regulate and grow their businesses by helping them manage their existing commercial relationships, form alliances and expand into new markets. Owing to its delivery of state of the art legal services to clients in advisory as well as litigation aspects, RRG & Associates sports a long list of clients such as Vedanta, JSPL, Bhushan Power & Steel, Moser Baer, Tata Power DDL, PGCI, NHPC, GAIL, PNGRB, including royals like Maharaja of Gaekwad and legal heirs of Maharani Gayatri Devi. With an inspiring team of dynamic and trained professionals having a unique combination of strong and impressive practice in corporate, commercial work including litigation and arbitration, RRG & Associates intends on delivering quality legal services of international standards across service lines relevant to business navigated by Ranjana Roy Gawai.

Ranjana Roy Gawai, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
.Ms. Ranjana Roy Gawai is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of RRG & Associates a boutique law firm, catering to high stake and complex litigation of leading corporates in the country
.She is a dynamic and multifaceted woman entrepreneur who drives a team of young and enthusiastic lawyers
.Ms. Gawai is an expert in corporate litigation and advisory, especially in issues relating to insolvency and bankruptcy laws, shareholders rights, mis management in companies, corporate governance, takeover, acquisitions and securities and energy laws.
.She has also been successfully handling various domestic and international arbitrations, including ICC, SIAC, and LCIA
.With a strong sense of legal strategy, advisory and course mapping, she has excelled in challenging and complicated projects including public and private M& A deals, Joint Ventures and debt restructuring.