Roshni Baronia: A Bespoke Sales Advisory and Growth Consulting Firm for Women-Led Businesses

CIO Vendor India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and understanding this impressive market potential, both the local and foreign players have stepped up to cash on this . A closer look at these companies shows that the majority of these businesses are owned and operated by men. So when a company by women for women rises up as a promising business case, it surely makes people take notice. In a socio economic fabric where in spite of being half the population, women are seen as minority or niche, Roshni Baronia, a well recognized figure in the Indian business fraternity took to bring a change in this prevailing scenario through her firm RB Consulting. Roshni has got years' of entrepreneurial experience and she is also a certified Strategic Sales Management Expert. With her domain expertise and market knowhow, she has created a specialized sales and strategy consulting firm that concentrates solely on women entrepreneurs and their business growth.

RB Consulting, over the years, has been able to have a positive impact on the business development and revenue enhancement of their clients through tailor made consultancy services that have helped businesses gain robust sales systems and high performing teams. "I have been an entrepreneur myself, so I have experienced firsthand challenges that women entrepreneurs face in scaling up and growing her business. With a determination to find a solution to this and intention to serve my tribe, I started my sales advisory and growth consultancy services for women entrepreneurs. When people ask me why I am only working with women, I have a simple reply to them and that is, I believe that women are no longer the minority but the biggest opportunity in entrepreneurship. My recent TEDx talk also emphasizes on the power of entrepreneurship as a tool for women to realize their true potential", says Roshni Baronia, Founder, RB Consulting.

The drive and commitment to help her fellow female entrepreneurs led RB Consulting to offer bespoke sales consulting services for their clients. The firm primarily offers sales process optimization, sales coaching, and sales planning. RB Consulting also helps companies develop and deploy SHE
force that is all-women sales teams. Owing to their domain expertise and market know how, RB Consulting also provides expansion strategies and strategic planning consultation. Roshni, the founder, has recently launched 121 online consultation sessions to provide focused strategy insights to startups and micro business owners who do not have the bandwidth to take on full time consulting because the outside perspective and expert advice helps them take their next business decision and action in the right direction.

Roshni Baronia's Drive And Commitment To Help Her Fellow Female Entrepreneurs Led RB Consulting To Offer Bespoke Sales Consulting Services For Their Clients

The company's operational ideology to keep it lean has got them to partner up with various associates and companies to collaboratively deliver high quality work. The unique ability of RB Consulting to fully understand the situation of their clients and to think from multiple perspectives has allowed them to not only solve their clients' growth and organizational problems but also their internal and mindset issues. By offering both coaching and consulting services, RB Consulting is slowly but surely closing in on their dream and vision to influence and elevate the women entrepreneur fraternity in the country.

Roshni Baronia, Founder
With her roots belonging to the lively city of Gurugram in Delhi NCR, since childhood Roshni Baronia has always been the happy go lucky kind who dreamt of becoming a businesswoman some day. A strong believer of the notion `whatever happens, happens for good', so good things did happen and a few years later, Roshni was studying fashion designing in NIFT, Delhi.

After a couple of work stints, marriage, family and motherhood, Roshni found herself craving to get into the boots of a business owner. That's when she launched her first online business which taught her much more than any business school could have taught. Out of passion, she interacted extensively with women business owners to understand their inspirations, visions, and challenges. It's then that she realized that she needed to work on bigger agendas which can contribute to strengthening women entrepreneurship.

Roshni has acquired certifications in Entrepreneurship from EDII, Ahmedabad, Project management from the University of Irvine and Strategic Sales Management from Funduko University, EXIM procedures from NIESBUD, Business Communication and Digital Marketing which has helped her arrive at creative business solutions for her customers.