Quansys India Project Management Consultant:Stop Shop for Cost Assessment and Management Services

CIO Vendor Planning as well as management plays a pivotal role in sustaining organizational growth. Understanding the need for planning and encountering management related hurdles himself, Karthikeyan, a Civil Engineer by qualification decided to isolate those key factors that affect the overall construction cost and schedules, and eventually the success, of the projects. With his years of experience in the industry, Karthikeyan was able to contrive solutions for most of these complex problems. And in the year 2011, he founded Integrated Potential PMC, which he later renamed to QUANSYS, to provide specific guidance on Cost consulting and Contract management services for the construction industry.

Along with its benchmark services in Residential sector, the company also works on interior fit outs, and corporate office buildings, and is set to expand into the hospitality and industrial sectors

Recalling his experiences, Karthikeyan states, “Most of our clients were facing issues related to construction cost of the project and inaccuracy in their budgets. Once we came on board we thoroughly analyzed each and every component of the project and came up with effective cost structures.”
Based in Bangalore, QUANSYS provides an array of services to construction companies. From conceptual design stage to project delivery, the company looks after each and every stage of the project. The company handles services related to cost planning, budgeting, contract administration, vendor management, procurement planning, construction administration & management in terms of cost & time, pre and post contract QS services and all relevant cost management services. These services help the client to preplan their financial fund flow without any surprises. Besides, in order to ensure smooth execution, the company also provides multi-faceted services which help in maintaining a high level of interaction between all parties involved.
With its accuracy and on-time deliverables in the first few projects, Quansys could soon built a respectable position in the market. Since then, QUANSYS has grown leaps and bounds over the few years and its dedicated, young and dynamic team members helped it to reach this position. Karthikeyan says, “Our services help our clients run the project smoothly, right from the inception to completion in a defined time frame.” The company prudently controls cost and time parameters—two of the most important factors that have to be meticulously ascertained to ensure successful delivery of any project.
QUANSYS primarily started working on Precontract management, and slowly moved its services to post contract cost management & construction schedules. Currently, the company looks into end to end Cost Management services from inception till project closure. Supplying realistic outputs in noteworthy speed and compatible cost, the company has worked with some of the big names in the industry. DLF, DNR Corporation, Address Makers, Elysium properties, Azven Realty, Maratt , Klassic builders, Ajmal Properties are few of its clients, who have experienced unrivaled cost management while working with QUANSYS. “We always ensure that all the project components are integrated and coordinated which helps to drive the project by effective planning, execution and control,” adds Karthikeyan.
Bit-by-bit, the company has achieved numerous milestones, and has acquired a unique brand name for itself in the industry. Karthikeyan’s vast expertise in cost planning, time management, procurement and contract administration has helped the company come this far. Along with its benchmark services in Residential sector, the company also works on interior fit outs, and corporate office buildings, and will expand its services to the hospitality sector and industrial developments. “Our workings, reports and deliverables shall be of highest accuracy always,” adds Karthikeyan, reiterating the commitment he has always held high.