ATOA Scientific Technologies: Offering Multiphysics CAE Solution to Companies for Innovative product

CIO Vendor In last few decades, the Engineering Simulation industry has seen a magnificent Growth. Computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation is one of the vital developments in the field of Engineering. Considering all the limiting factors which impede most of the companies to leverage the benefits of CAE, Dr Raj C Thiagarajan, leveraging 25+ years of experience in the industry, floated the Company ATOA Scientific Technologies. Headquartered in Bangalore, ATOA was established to provide consultancy and engineering design solutions based on multi physics CAE, to render cost effective, faster and reliable product design solutions.

ATOA is the first certified Multi physics CAE consultant across India. In layman’s term, Multi physics CAE is design of product for multiple engineering design requirements at once.Raj expounded, “Integrity, Quality and Innovation are coded into our DNA. Code of Honor guides us to deliver world class engineering solution.”Initially, to deliver accurate and efficient simulation solution, the company performed rigorous virtual testing and prototyping. Influencing the clients to adapt to this was the toughest part.
Powered with the industries’ vibrant expertise, the organization developed many case studies, updated the website content and produced success based project billing solutions which aided them to occupy the high-end share of the market and customers.
Now, the company’s clients span across variable sectors including aerospace, automotive, infrastructure, medical and many more.In this competitive market place of virtual product development, the service providers must consider high quality, shorter cycle time, low cost and constant innovationto be the winners as well as survivors’.

ATOA is one such company providing virtual engineering design simulation solution, across Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering. The organization’s suite of services includes, Nonlinear Structural Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Vibration and Dynamics, Fatigue Life Prediction, Crash Impact Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Acoustical design and NVH Analysis, Optical Ray Tracing, Electromagnetics and Wave propagation Simulations, Chemical Reaction and Transport Analysis, Bio Engineering and Biomedical Design among many in the long list.
With Raj at the helm of the operations, the company has grown significantly in terms of revenue and client base. Founded in 2010, the Company started operating with sole Multiphysics CAE, today they offer Engineering apps and 3D printing as well. ATOA now offerscomprehensive CAD, CAE, CAM solution to its clients. The marketing office of the Company is spread across United Kingdom, USA and Australia. Along with the NASCOM membership, the Company has published 25+ Technical Reportsand named in 20+ patents. “We collaborate with world's leading research institutes and engineering software developers, to learn and stay ahead on latest technology breakthroughs,” added Raj. Multiscale modelling, Nature inspired Biomimetics, Design for Sustainability and Smart cities are few of theirfocused research areas.
By 2020, the company foresees to grow into a billion dollar organization. In future the Company will focus in three verticals: ATOA scientific Technologies, ATOA software Technologies and ATOA smart technologies. Factoring all these together, the organization was founded to touch the lives of the people and reach the pinnacle of success.