Zarna Associates: Building Strong Structures and Relationships

CIO Vendor For some individual, their childhood dreams prove to be the sole motivating factor that shapes their career. But working against all odds and sustaining through the hardships along the way is not an easy task and only few are able to turn their childhood dreams into a reality. Patel Vinubhai Ratilal, Founder, Zarna Associates, a known organization in the field of structural and civil engineering is one such individual. His interest in Mathematics and his childhood dream to build a successful career in structural design kept him motivated enough to pursue his dream. Today, Patel has proved to be one of the most successful businessmen in the structural design and consulting business.

Zarna Associates, being a structural design and consulting firm,ascertains variable risk associated with every structural design it works on.

Headquartered in Vadodara, his organization provides services related to structural engineering, project management consultancy, Preparation of Tender Documents and Valuation of Fixed Property.
Founded in 1993, the company faced its fare share of difficulties initially, mostly due to lack of industry experience. “During those years, living up to the clients’ demands was difficult as every project involved different elevations, long span and cantilevers, open parking space and structural irregular plan. This was something that the company had not handled earlier,” says Vinubhai. However, the team was able to overcome all the odds and be able to satisfy even the most demanding clients through its expertise and stringent quality processes.
Zarna Associates follows a linear and flexible roadmap. The company completely executes projects at hand, starting from preparing the drawing by an architect, designing the foundation, designing the structure while taking care of different forces and loads, analyzing the forces in different structural members for different load combinations including Earthquakes and wind loads, determining the steel requirements, analyzing the quantity of concrete required, planning floor wise, checking the site during execution and completing the project as per the schedule. A detailed structural design drawing framework is prepared so that the site engineers do not have to excogitate in their groundwork. Vinubhai says, “With our executive team members, we provide the structural plan to clients much faster, timely punctual and accurate than any other firm and it has been our key strength for several years.”
Pursuing structural design as a career is not only challenging but also interesting, as there is always a new issue to be solved at every stage. Zarna Associates, being a structural design and consulting firm, ascertains variable risk associated with every structural design it works on. “Handling different types of structural problem are challenges as a wrong assessment can prove life threatening. Handling such challenges motivates me to continue in this field and excel,” explains Vinubhai. Over these years, the company has worked on around 4000 projects. Some of their clients are HPCL, Becrel For Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd, Rubamin Pharma, Mahindra & Mahindra, Varun Seacon, IDMC, Siddarth Group, Lilleria Group, Darshanam group, Kanha Group, Siddheshwar group among many others. Besides, the company has accomplished several private and government projects.
Experts in building structures right from the ground up, Zarna Associates has achieved double digit growth year-over-year, in the last 5 years and has also been able to retain almost 99 percent of its client. Foreseeing Zarna Associates’ future, Vinubhai says, “As the Indian economy grows, and infrastructure development becomes number one priority for the government, there is huge scope in this industry, and Zarna Associates plans to explore all the possibilities that comes along.”