Navarees Consultants:Channelizing a Quantum of Experience to Deliver Quality Solutions in Lead Manuf

CIO Vendor Saudi Arabia, the energy rich country is bustling with industrial development, and the Kingdom has always shown keen awareness while choosing advisors when starting and running a business enterprise. Back in the year 2000-2001, Technical Tertravalent Lead Smelting Plant (TTLSP), Jeddah was looking to hire a top quality consultant to help them establish a new Lead manufacturing factory. After due deliberation, the organization zeroed in on S.K. Prabhu to spearhead the venture. Prabhu, a true industry veteran has over 40 years of experience of working in senior positions at reputed organizations in the Lead manufacturing Industry. His leadership credentials and vast industry experience helped him design and implementing the project. Consequently, he built a state of the art manufacturing plant with machinery from Mexico.

The team of experts at Navarees has a Working Experience of More than 35 years

The project was completed in 2004, and commercial production commenced in 2005; the quality and efficiency of the plant was admired by the TTLSP.
“It was challenging to establish the Plant in a Gulf Country without knowing Arabic language. However, we managed things in the best way possible. Every requirement was handled within the framework and scheduled period,” elaborates Prabhu.

He further continued to work with TTLSP Jeddah, KSA till May 2007 and returned to India to establish Navarees Consultants in June 2007 with an objective to continue the consultancy services in the Lead and Battery Industry.The organization today provides consultancy services such as project management, implementation, production, optimization and maintenance. The company addresses challenges faced by clients in the manufacturing of various types of Lead Alloys and also Pure Lead with minimum cost, helping them achieve process efficiency, productivity, cost and technical efficiency.

Navarees Consultants is now an established name in the Indian project and engineering consulting industry. The team of experts at Navarees, has a working experience of more than 35 years and total techno commercial experience of over 41 years in the field. Due to its previous impeccable track record in India, KSA and many other countries like Sri Lanka, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia Nigeria etc, Prabhu and his team are yet again handling an important project for United Lead Factory in Jeddah, KSA. This current assignment bears perfect testimony to their successful project completion skills. The company is also helping to establish a Lead acid battery manufacturing Unit in Bangladesh. Prabhu adds, “Our motto is simple - Our current assignment
s should be better than the previous one. That way we keep on improving and growing.”
The company has been an active participant in procuring suitable environment protection technology.

Prabhu says, “We value our environment to preserve and improve the resources through environmentally correct manner, with best available technology.” Navarees Consultants’ ability to reach optimum production and quality standards consistently in each of their assignment has made them a reliable consulting company. Deploying the latest technology in the field has made them a favorite among industries looking to establish Lead Manufacturing as well Battery manufacturing units. The company’s clients who cut across countries and cultures are evenly satisfied with the consulting standards maintained by Navarees.