Molethu PMC: Adopting a Value Driven Approach

CIO Vendor When it comes to the construction sector, an organization’s priority always lies on systems and processes, to complete projects within tight deadlines and defined quality parameters. While being a part of construction industry and plain sailing her career in the sector, Kunjamma Mathew soon noticed that the sector was unorganized and unstructured in terms of commitments and processes. “I wanted to make a contribution and influence the ways of working in the construction industry. My goal was to develop a group of technical engineers who believe in quality & commitments and deliver projects, creating happy customers,” expounds Kunjamma Mathew, Director, Molethu PMC Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated, in the year 2009; today, the firm provides professional end to end support to clients by handling their pain points in construction sector.

Since its inception, Molethu continues to grow in scale and scope with advancement in practices, processes and methodologies

According to Kunjamma, most of the projects were person driven and the system processes were lagging due to rhetoric commitments. As she says,
“We worked hard with many clients to make them understand the value that a PMC brings in and the advantages associated with it. It had to be done through many interactions, showing benefits timeliness and cost savings.” Molethu brings in, responsive and transparent relationships with the clients which further reflects on the projects and commitments.
With an experienced team along with systems and processes, the firm plans and executes projects meticulously with the best quality parameters to stay ahead of the pack. As Kunjamma says, “We bring all stakeholders together and help to create a common mission for every project that we undertake. Further, we bring in a fair view, without biases allowing all stakeholders to align to common goals, understand bottlenecks and resolve issues on time.”

Helping the clients to source the best in the sector by reviewing designs and trends along with managing work schedules, material planning, quality & quantity checking, Molethu provides full-fledged services in Project Management Consultancy.

During the long time construction period mistakes in RA bills or deviation in quality of input materials, workmanship and product quality are natural, by conducting Technical Audits, the firm helps clients to identify devotions and rectify them.
While expounding the services, Kunjamma pointed out the preparation Bar Bending Schedule (BBS), “Our expert detailers prepare the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) either manually or using software, as per client requirement. Through software optimization, the scrap generation is controlled completely.” Further with Cost Management, Cost Audit and Cost Monitoring of projects, the firm ensures that projects are being developed as per client requirements within the best value proposition and budget.

Since its inception, Molethu continues to grow in scale and scope with advancement in practices, processes and methodologies. From a two employee company, Molethu has grown to become a company of 35 engineers over the last seven years. This ethical organization’s unbiased and professional approach to the commitments has attracted a series of reputed clients; which includes Hotel Leela Ventures, L&T Ltd, Dabur India Ltd, Green Valley Developers, etc.

With a vertical growth graph and clear vision, in future the firm plans to increase the quality of talent pool available in the construction industry and increase the number of professionals in Project Management Consulting domain. “We would be focusing on adopting the best practices in the global project management industry including the adaptation of new productivity, quality enhancing construction techniques,” Kunjamma concludes.