Solution 4 U: Molding the Product Management Industry with Aligned Services

CIO Vendor In the year 2003, when Solution 4U was founded, in order to change its track from existing as just an OEM to complete product development sector, the firm was rewriting the set of commandments that others in the space followed. Perceiving the true meaning of innovation and invention, the firm now offers product design services, 3D modeling services, rapid prototype services and complete one stop solution from concept to manufacturing. Being an innovation stimulator in the industry today, the firm enables its clients to stay in tune with technological advancements. “Our organization has been into the field of manufacturing since 1975. However, we soon realized the industry gap in product development as very few organizations were providing these services to harbor innovation and invention,” says Saumil Khandwala, Director, Solution 4U.
Terms such as Product Design Services and Rapid Prototyping Services were unknown in the Indian product development market when the firm set its foot in the space. With a deep pool of experience and expertise to back up the venture, the firm succeeded in convincing clients about the importance of rewriting the product manufacturing structure accordingly.
“A great amount of communication, presentation, and statistics were required to convince people that initial development cost or planning is paramount to align the processes. But our manufacturing experience helped us resolve and explain issues in the concerned areas and change the mindset to a positive outlook,” Saumil adds.
‘Design is the central factor of innovative humanization of technologies’. Solution 4U believes this and delivers the same with their bundle of services. As Saumil says, “We visualize our client’s imagination and its practicality to meet commercialization for the market. Our design and manufacturing engineers play a key role in the process by working with clients to develop the most efficient product design possible.” Evaluating the client's product application requirement through R&D, Solution 4U provides the most efficient manufacturing solutions. Further in the process, maintaining a minimum material requirement, the firm focuses on providing product strength and meets the client’s demand. “CAE mold flow analysis, which is the final step of our design solutions, gives our manufacturing department important data to guarantee consistent product specifications, long-lasting molds & tooling, and the highest possible product quality,” he explains the process. Delivering the best products and services, Solution 4U always subsumes better aesthetic value along with product design for easy manufacturing, maintaining technical, ergonomic and commercial requirement of the product.
The company’s clientele and product Development service includes prestigious names such as Tata Power, Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd, Veol Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pantaloon fashion & retail, Sherex Industries Ltd, Dover India Pvt. Ltd, Enuresis Solutions and Loxcreen Canada among others. Since its inception, Solution 4U has witnessed a steady growth in their economic graph along with the values they provide. According to Saumil, the firm evolved and gained through each project they handled, which resulted in providing their clients with more specific solutions.
In the future, Solution 4U will engage in spreading awareness about green energy products and taking steps along with the ‘Make in India’ campaign, as they plan to aid in the development of few medical products in India. “We are looking forward to associating with innovative companies and larger corporates and expand the services to take up new challenges, not only for improving existing projects but also to identify new products and projects,” Saumil concludes.