Infracon Solutions

CIO Vendor Modi government’s invigorated focus on infrastructure development has put the realty sector back on the fast track. Today, India’s realty sector is replete with opportunities that can bring about transcendental changes to the economy. However, non performance and fraudulent practices perpetuated by the developers for decades have thrown the industry into a state of distrust. Customer’s money and confidence are misused, resulting in huge losses for the investors.

Infracon Solutions don't want to be known by the volume of business they generate, rather the company want to be known for having 500 happy customers.Satisfied customer is the objective of the company.

To overcome such scenarios, Real Estate Advisory consultants work hard to mitigate the risks for their customers. Infracon Solutions is one of those boutique real estate advisory firms who guide their clients on luxury projects. By continuously analyzing the real estate markets and finding the most satisfactory solutions, the company strives to achieve quantifiable returns for its clients. Based out of Delhi, the company now serves premium clients from all over the country and abroad.
Identifying the Challenges
Infracon Solutions was founded by Tushar Maheshwari, CEO, in 2012. During its initial years, the company faced several challenges in terms of finding the right set of developers and convincing the banks and creditors to mobilize the funds. With rigorous groundwork to shape it up, the company overcame all of the challenges. The management personnel of the company approached several Banks and Credit rating agencies and dug out the background of those developers, who value client’s concerns and intend to deliver on promises. They even thoroughly checked financial status of the developers for the last 5 years, their performance, and their overall reputation in the market.
In this process, the company profiled almost 200 developers in terms of brand and cost factors. The company also checked the returns generated by the investments on those selected projects. After a period of initial pause, the company hired 18 talented young professionals, most of them with an MBA in finance.
Besides, the company has tied up with some of the industry’s well known developers such as Sobha Developers, Tata Housing, Omkar, DAMAC, Lodha Group, Kolte Patil and few more. Today, Infracon Solutions is a brand name in advisory services for luxury projects. The company works with premium developers who possess good track record and are unrelenting on their quality, customer service and schedules.

Infracon Solutions provides a plethora of real estate advisory services. Right from planning and understanding the client’s existing portfolio to suggesting suitable financial instruments and taking care of legal documentation work; the company handles it all for its clients. It also ensures returns in due time and suggests the exit routes. Tushar adds, “We actively follow the market trends and guide our clients to reap the maximum profit out of their investments.”

Following the company’s ethics of being trustworthy to its clients, the company after completing its internal survey clearly advises its clients on which developers are doing well and who are not. The company also has a tie-up with leading financial institutions, which helps its clients gain monetary support. In addition, the company has tie ups with independent credit agencies.
The steep Growth curve
While maintaining transparency in its business, Infracon Solutions helps its clients attain a clear vision of the whole process. So far, the company’s internal research and analysis has earned handsome returns for its clients. The company has earned referral clients and has witnessed growth of 150% during in a short span of time. It boasts of 40 plus premium HNIs in its clienteles, many being NRIs.

From Dubai to Singapore to Middle-east, the company handles clients who are willing to invest in India’s growth prospects. Tushar states, “Every month, the company is getting response from nearly 70-80 HNI clients who want to invest in India. At this point of time, our company is primarily focusing on quality of services.” Working with premium clients, the company maintains complete confidentiality about personal data and client investments.

The company in the last 6 months has done business worth 100 crores. Half of the company’s talented resources analyze the market trends, studying internal as well as external research reports, while the remaining half looks after backend jobs such as customer relations, paper work and operations. Such right set of planning, management and execution has taken the Infracon Solutions to its current position.
Future Direction
Satisfied and positive response from its existing clients has attracted many new clients and pushed the company to grow further. Discussing the company’s prime focus Tushar added, “We don’t want to be known by the volume of business we generate, rather we want to be known for having 500 happy customers utilizing our services. Satisfied customer is the objective of the company.”

Going forward, the company plans to cater to the international client segment. Soon, Infracon Solutions is also on its way to operations in Dubai, and hence they are marketing projects in UK and Dubai, something unique to what it has been doing so far. Further, the company is also foreseeing to grow its business verticals in Australia and Singapore. Concluding the interview, Tushar notes, “Credit is due to the current government at the center. Their focus in infrastructure development has helped India gain its deserved acknowledgement from across the globe.”