Apex Insurance Consultants: A Compleate Risk Management Company Exclusive for Medical Practitioner

CIO Vendor The growing emphasis on healthcare safety has spawned a dramatic increase in scientific knowledge about improvements in patient care and managing risk in clinical situations. The situation no longer remains doctor friendly and one needs to take extra care and caution. This has indeed made a big impact on the society and you can't take it for granted. Insurance in India is not designed to save an individual or an organization on every front, Apex Insurance Consultants Limited (AICL) was established acknowledging this major gap in the medical insurance consultants industry. Established in 2000 by Vijay Arora and Sanjay Kalika Mishra, AICL has been creating a niche in the industry since its inception. A company formed under Indian Companies Act 1956 as a Limited Company, AICL is the only company in India, which has been formed as a complete risk Management Company for medical practitioners.

AICL was formed with the pure intention and purpose of helping Indian medical professionals and to bring all the needed revolutions for the welfare of the medical insurance sector without fearing the complications of the law and legal system. In a country where the majority of the population is unaware of the medical system and its complications, AICL had to start their operations from scratch. “The medical industry was bound to grow and so were the professionals associated with it. Our intention was clear from the beginning itself we saw the bigger picture and believed in the immense scope and opportunities that the industry has to offer and that is why we decided to give medical professionals a unified platform by assuring them a riskfree tomorrow”, says Sanjay Kalika Mishra, Founder and Director, AICL.

As a pioneer in the industry AICL made full use of their unique expertise and
the firm was able to play an instrumental role in acquiring proper risk management teams in various medical associations across the country. The consultancy company offers end-to-end solutions when it comes to crisis management but they are constantly striving for reinventing their services to enter new dimensions. AICL has even developed ‘AICL mobile app’ to bring their services to the user’s finger tips. Owing to their industry know how and market expertise, AICL was able to sell 15 thousand policies with less than 2 percent of matters arriving in the court and most of them got rejected by the court due to the company’s expert defence. The company’s push for being a medico legal specialist in the industry was an instant hit and currently majority of the medicolegal experts from different parts of the country are associated with AICL.

With their unique services and offerings, the consultancy firm is vehemently working to grow into one of the top risk management organizations

The main driving force behind AICL’s meteoric rise to success is their dedicated team of employees. “We give great importance when it comes to selecting our employees and in Apex, we see them as team members. Different from other mainstream companies that go for the most experienced and qualified employees in the market, we always give opportunity to the people who are less privileged when it comes to getting quality education. The most important criteria that we check while we are recruiting are the attitude of the candidates to learn and excel in any given opportunity. After selection, we give them the proper training to develop them into an industry expert”, avers Sanjay.

With the backing from their specially trained employees AICL is establishing that the medical fraternity no longer needs indemnity insurance of a company but a proper risk management solution provider. For the company’s development, AICL ensures that their services are going to help their clients even after a medical crisis and make sure that their voice is also heard and understood by the society in order to diminish the scope of misinterpretation. With their unique services and offerings, the consultancy firm is vehemently working to grow into one of the top risk management organizations by being the most viable and profitable partner of their clients.