Ideal Insurance Brokers:Setting Standards through Professional Insurance Consultancy Guidance

CIO Vendor Playing a dynamic role in the economic excellence of our country, the insurance sector considerably enhances the prospect for savings amid the individuals, safeguarding their property and future. This correlation helps in the generation of massive funds which contributes to the capital markets increasing infrastructural expansion in India. Envisaging this plan in 2005, when the Indian insurance market was mostly dominated by agents of limited expertise rather than professional organizations, Rahul Agarwal established Ideal Insurance Brokers to perk up the insurance sector of the country. A company led by brilliant individuals, Ideal Insurance Brokers not only delivers quality knowledge and services but also addresses the problem of Claims Management in India.

Today, considered as one of the frontrunners of this sector, Ideal Insurance Brokers faced numerous challenges in its initial days such as financial problems, lack of proper team, tight competition from the banks and agents because of its inadequate experience about the rapidly changing industry. However, with their strong determination and slowly optimizing the degree of professionalism in the insurance selling interface, the firm has come out as a strong brand across India. Today, Ideal Insurance Brokers are highly recognized amongst its clients for its unparalleled, highclass insurance services which enwrap health, life, travel, motor, home, business, employee benefits, and professional indemnity related insurances, managing the entire insurance related functions for the patrons.

Highlighting some of the key aspects of services provided by the company, Rahul Agarwal, Founder, Ideal Insurance states, “While there are numerous challenges within this domain, we have created a strong team which not only
assists our clients throughout the entire process of claim settlements but also follows a clear strategy of giving the right advice to the clients without looking at our brokerage. Apart from this, one of our very unique offerings is ‘Free Insurance Audit’ of the entire insurance portfolio which we do for prospective clients and that too without any business commitment. After seeing our offerings and value addition which we provide in the audit, most of the clients are ultimately convinced to give their business to us.” With its team of skilled professionals, Ideal Insurance is focusing on niche areas like Fleet Insurance, Health Insurance and Credit Insurances which has helped the firm not only in reaching out to maximum number of individuals but has also assured its spot amongst the leading players in the insurance sector of India.

Always an enthusiast to invest in innovative technologies, Ideal Insurance has already launched its online portal ‘’ to automate all the systems and processes

Always an enthusiast to invest in innovative technologies, Ideal Insurance has already launched its online portal ‘’ to automate all the systems and processes which will create a lot of efficiencies to scale up the business. Specifically focused on the fleet insurance, Ideal Insurance has also been handling the insurance of the online car rental app ‘Zoomcar’ since its launch starting from 3 cars to now a considerable bouquet of more than 3000 cars.

From a retaildriven broker to now one of the leading SME brokers of India, Ideal Insurance has come a long way from 1 person to a team of more than 200 members and the firm aspires to go from 1 city to over 100 in the coming years. Citing the future endeavors for the company, Rahul Agarwal mentions, “We are looking forward to getting connected with Insurance Agents/financial services professionals across the country who would like to join hands with us and grow together. With, we want to become India’s Leading Health Insurance advisor and the largest Fleet Insurance Consultant. Ideal Insurance Brokers aspires to go from currently 12 cities to 100 cities by 2022 and 500 branches by 2025 and we are very much on course of that.”