Apex Insurance Broking Services: Bringing Affordable Insurance with Maximum Benefits to Each One in Society

CIO Vendor Today, there is total of 57 leading insurance companies in India, of which 24 are for life insurance while 33 are non life insurance companies. Also, the overall insurance sector is estimated to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020, and the life insurance industry in India is expected to grow by 12-15 percent annually in the coming years. With the increasing awareness of insurance and its importance among today’s young population of the country, this has led to a rise in the insurance market of India. In order to make the individual’s life and business processes less risky by letting out higher risk via insurance coverage, Jaghann Muddigunda established Apex Insurance Broking Services, a firm renowned for its core management team which holds strong expertise in insurance and financial sector.

By bringing affordable insurance with maxi¬mum benefits to each one in Society, Apex Insurance Broking Services offers General Insurance and Life Insurance. Jaghann Muddigunda's expertise has been developed over the years on working with companies like Hutchison Essar, Ricoh India, HDFC Standard Life Insurance, Aditya Birla Insurance and other leading insurance broking firms. “All these elements of experience have helped us in growing Apex as a fullfledged Insurance service provider. APEX, the name depicts the value of our company which means Acceptable, Perfection, Expertise and X-Ray vision. Our business development strategies have been servingas a magnet to attract business opportunities that can help Apex to grow far beyond the expected capacities of its promoters”, says Jaghann Muddigunda, Managing Director, Apex Insurance Broking Services.

Apex Insurance is an expert in providing best plans to its customers that
fully cover the risks along with pre and post insurance services. The insurance advise offer by the firm cover major General Insurances like Engineering Insurance, Fire Insurance, Health Insurance, Marine Insurance, Liability, Vehicle Insurance and Accidental Coverage Insurance, while under Life Insurance the firm offers Term Policy, Children Policy, Group Term Policy, Retirement Policy, Savings Policy, and Unit Link Policy. Elucidating about claiming services Jaghann says, “The process of claim settling would require certain time and it needs to be structured properly to ensure acceptance of the claim. The insurance company, if find the claim valid, would pay the amount and settle the claim. Apex Insurance is experienced in claim settlements mainly due to the awareness of the insurance claim process. Our experts help our customers and clients with the entire process and represent your claim with the insurance company”.

Apex Team provides reliable insurance advisory services that gives most competitive coverages to its various clients from different sectors

Apex Insurance Broking Services is a name renowned for offering various insurance services on one platform. Insurance is a necessity and the complex process to avail the insurance makes it less acceptable in Indian society. Apex has been making continuous efforts to analyze the requirements, and has introduced the best insurance products to assist their needs. According to the company, the strengths of Apex Insurance is its team of professionals who are experts in reaching out to the core requirements of every customer and clients by offering them the best plans.

Apex team provides reliable insurance broking services that provide the best coverage to various clients from different sectors. Also, Apex provides complete risk profile along with the available risk protection solutions or coverage from the major insurance players available in the country. “We would like to present the insurance subject to the corporate, individuals in a manner that they should have a perception of the risk which they are exposed during the business operations as well as individual routine activities”, concludes Jaghann Muddigunda.