Taamra Engineering Consultants: Providing Class Leading Consultancy Services at a Competitive Price

CIO Vendor The rapid improvements in the field of engineering and technology have led to massive improvements and innovations in the infrastructure space. The infrastructure and engineering industry is set to grow at a rapid pace with the increasing population being the major catalyst. Taamra Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd is an engineering consultancy firm established in 2010 by Ashok Kumar Chattopadhyay to help builders with multiple aspects of their ongoing and upcoming construction projects. The company brings in professionalism and market know how in order to help their clients to meet the ongoing changes and challenges in the industry.

Taamra Engineering Consultants has created new beliefs and concepts in the field of engineering consultancy with the help of their experience and domain expertise. The firm emphasizes on providing state of the art engineering and project management services by being in sync with the latest updates and developments in the industry. When it comes to providing consultancy services in the engineering field, Taamra Engineering Consultants is right at the top by providing expert consultancy services such as formulating architectural designs, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) designs, structural engineering, audit services, and project management services. The consultancy firm works with specialists and partner companies from India and abroad to ensure that their clients get the best quality service. In order to survive the increasing competition Tamraa Engineering Consultants streamlined their company and added heat ventilation and air conditioning services and repair and rehabilitation services to their portfolio. Even in these tough and uncertain situations, Taamra Engineering Consultants did not compromise on the quality of their services and this shows the company’s commitment and dedication towards their profession.
The biggest differentiating factor which makes Taamra Engineering Consultants stand out from the rest is the fact that every service provided by the company is formulated in house and this gives their clients the advantage of not going to multiple consultants or agencies for their needs. “We have constantly worked towards improving on a consistent basis and with the help of our expert team, we have successfully managed to formulate and develop a complete package of solutions and this allows us to be a one stop solution provider for our clients”, says Mr. Ashok Kumar Chattopadhyay, Founder, Taamra Engineering Consultants.

When it comes to providing consultancy services in the engineering field, Taamra Engineering Consultants is right at the top by providing expert consultancy services in its domain

The core team of Taamra Engineering Consultants which consists of various engineers and technical specialists has been heavily involved in strengthening not only their clients business but the entire engineering consultancy market space. The consultancy firm has a very competitive work environment and Taamra Engineering Consultants are creating new and improved opportunities for the employees to develop so that they will always be on top of their game. “We perform various competitive programs in order to bring out the best from our employees. We also conduct various seminars and lectures and the employees will talk about different topics and this acts as a knowledge sharing session which helps our employees to get constantly updated. We also provide various encouragement measures to keep the competitive spirits of our employees high”, says Ashok Kumar. This helped Taamra Engineering Consultants to create a niche in the engineering consultancy arena by being one of the most responsive and dependable firms in the industry.

Taamra Engineering Consultants are planning to develop and excel further in the industry by improving the quality of their services and the company is also planning growth measures in order to increase their expertise and be at par with other internationally renowned consultants. The consultancy firm believes in growing together and as one of their future objectives, they are planning to hire fresher’s in order to give them employment and develop their skill sets.