Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services: Thriving on Competitive Strength and Overriding Commitment towards Customer Satisfaction

CIO Vendor With the market turning competitive year on year and more companies starting to mushroom in the industry, everybody is acknowledging the importance of expert consultants and advisors who can help the company in identifying their weaknesses and work on not just getting solutions but the sustainable solutions. As employees are the most important element to a business companies have started vesting their focus on upskilling the employees and incorporating professional training consultants to give their employees an edge over their competitors. The major hurdle that most companies face while choosing an expert consultant is that the training consultant industry is highly competitive with a vast number of players offering such consultancy services. Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services makes the choice easy for its clients with their unparalleled domain expertise and impeccable track record of consistently churning out the best result for their clients. Guided by their founder and director Manan Bajaj who has more than a 17 of industry experience Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services has been making a positive difference in their clients business since 2017.

As a firm believer in designing and development of sustainable system solutions and customised trainings for their clients Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services ensures that its clients are offered the best possible services available in the industry. “The primary motive behind the inception of Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services was to cater to the food, packaging and the allied industries and when we partner up with our clients we make sure that we will do everything in our control to train their employees and develop them regardless of the situation. We also help our
clients when they are going for a specific certification or when they are upgrading their operations to a higher level. We are there to help our clients and we work towards that objective. We know that ABC is from where the concept start, so we created A to Z Food Safety series signage to spread knowledge on the concepts of food safety using the food safety experience acquired over the period of around 12 years. We constantly monitor the latest trends in the industry to regularly update ourselves and because the competition is high we have created a special niche for us that differentiate us from our competitors like FSPCA PCHF Lead Instructor and BRCGS Certified Professional Qualification”, avers Manan Bajaj, Founder and Director, Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services.

The company has got strong backing from its employees who have been working in the industry for many years and this experience and expertise helps them to take even the most complex of challenges and complete it seamlessly. “We constantly work towards increasing our employees’ knowledge by conducting regular training and development programs to achieve that. We believe, In our business, every day brings in a new challenge and when exposed to these kinds of challenges one starts to have a clear under-standing of the working of the industry and that is the only way to understand things at faster pace and in better way and boost the employee confidence. We are a very well connected team, and there is no boss and employee feeling here and we work as a team to achieve our common objective. We respect and understand each other and help each other to grow”, says Manan Bajaj.

With the company’s growth being stable since its inception, Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services have been clocking an average growth rate of 15 to 20 percent year on year. The quality of their services has helped the consultancy firm to be recognized for its unique features and this identity has helped them to become one of the most sought after consultancy firms in the industry. For the future Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services has planned to start the Tresbon Training Academy that offers the company’s training through online sessions that increases the reach of the company’s services in least expensive way and also working on Book by the name A to Z of Food Safety based on experiences to help industry in a small but significant way. With the aim of being the best at what they do Tresbon Consulting Solutions and Services are looking to double the size of their operations in the coming years.

In the end, I would to thank all my professionals’ friends and the clients for showing and keeping trust in us.