OASIS: Raising the Standards of Individuals and Industry with Quality HR Offerings

CIO Vendor Entertaining customers from within the country as well as overseas, the hospitality industry of india has experienced a momentous escalation in the last few decades. Contributing majorly to the indian economy, the hospitality sector bears enormous importance due to the significance and uniqueness in the services provided by them. Assisting in maintaining the cultural diversity along with the delivery of outstanding services, hospitality consultancy firms guide the organizations towards a more realistic future. With a vision to serve the industry with the finest human resource practices simultaneously enhancing the standards of individuals as well as industries, oasis was established in 2004 by geeta a. Sundrani. Acknowledged as a frontrunner in the human resource services not only in india but abroad as well, oasis is committed to a human resource function that is integrated with the business objectives.

A woman with great vision Geeta A. Sundrani, founder of OASIS was quick enough to notice the lack of flexibility in corporate culture for married women. Belonging to the same milieu, Geeta was determined to change the scenario by creating a firm to support the working mothers by maintaining a work life balance. Today, with a team of 20 members, OASIS is first of its kind to have an all female staff. Specialized in non core functions, OASIS bestows an anthology of HR consulting services in terms of enhancement of company culture enabling considerable process controls and proficiency in the domain. Dispensing services to a wide range of clients from hospitality industries, OASIS has served over 108 clients in its 19 years journey successfully implementing 750 assignments till now. Quite a reputed name in the hospitality consultancy sector, OASIS also imparts training programs such as behavioral training and food & beverage training to address the existing constraints of the domain.
Time and again applauded by the clients, OASIS maintains an elite cluster of clients such as TAJ, Oberoi, INOX, Leela’s, ITC and many more. Highlighting some unique benefits assured by the company, Geeta A. Sundrani states,” When we work with a client instead of an outsider, we feel that we are a part and an extension of them. We work on that premise and before providing services to our clients we go down to the company culture, process and management possessed by them. We conduct a meeting with the core team or rather the founder of the company to analyze the mission and vision of the organization. Based on their requirements, we set up the HR department for the company or hire key persons to take on superior challenges. It is a soft skill which is cutthroat nowadays and I think hardly any companies or any consulting firm will build it.”

Time and again applauded by the clients, OASIS maintains some elite cluster of clients such as TAJ, Oberoi, INOX, Leela’s, ITC and many more

With companies struggling through attrition ratio across the industry, there is a dire need for the company to develop along with keeping the employees grounded, motivated and productive. Ultimately the deciding factor of the company a stimulated workforce is needed to be trained, groomed and managed ingeniously. Having worked primarily with Hotels, Geeta A. Sundrani, an MBA graduate in Human Resources recognized the need for an organization with proper consulting facilities instead of freelancers. Beginning with the hospitality industry after its inception, OASIS steadily ventured into other domains such as real estates multiplexes and QSRs.

Citing the growth of the firm organic rather than exponential Geeta A. Sundrani founder OASIS quotes it as ‘a gradual movement rather than a hurried one’. “Mostly the companies call us to work with them but this time we want to be proactive and talk about it in the market. We are ready for taking up the largest challenges from the industry and we will focus on promotion. Currently we are in Bombay and Navi Mumbai and we are looking forward to coming up in Gujarat Delhi and Bangalore as well” adds Geeta A. Sundrani.