Raivat PropertyAdvisory LLP: One Stop Shop Offering All Kind of Asset Advisory Solution for a Global Audience

CIO Vendor The Indian real estate sector is one of the biggest cash cows of the country and the lack of standardization in this sector has made it possible for anyone to be named as a professional real estate broker. Amidst the mix of inexperienced and profit-driven brokers and agencies Raivat Property Advisory LLP stands out from the rest owing to their unique operational philosophy and work ethics. Primarily started as a property financing and mortgaging company in 2010, the company was given an opportunity to be a part of the Godrej garden city township in Gujarat where the firm clocked business of Rs 3cr in 3 days. Owing to this experience, the founder of the company, Harsh Sheth turned his focus towards the luxury real estate property market in India and Raivat Property Advisory LLP has been a standout player in the industry since 2011.

Operating with the aim of offering customized solutions to all kinds of Residential, Commercial Spaces, and Pre-leased Properties as well as Real Estate Funds, Raivat Property Advisory LLP has come a long way since inception. “Our clients are mainly NRIs and we have got clients from across the world including UAE, Kenya, London, and USA to mention a few. With our market knowhow, we are able to pick out the best real estate investments for our clients and we offer them with pristine properties that will give them the best ROI. This ability of ours to look at a business from multiple angles has helped us to gain the trust and goodwill of our clients and as of now, 75 per cent of our clients are NRIs. We offer a 360 degree approach in our services and this has helped us to differentiate us from the rest in the market”, says Harsh Sheth, Founder and CEO, Raivat Property Advisory LLP.
After conducting more than two years of market research, Raivat Property Advisory LLP was able to get a bird’s eye view of the market landscape and understand what the clients are looking from an asset advisory firm. Formulating a clear and structured guideline of operations, the company started actively involving in the market and owing to their domain expertise. Till date, not even a single property sold by Raivat Property Advisory LLP has turned out to be an NPA. Another key aspect that has been fuelling the company’s growth is their employees & Business Associates’ expertise. The organizational structure of Raivat Property Advisory LLP is unique and the company has a wide network of associates working on various leads concentrating in the Mumbai and Gujarat market. The company also has permanent employees on their payroll that are constantly trained and mentored to evolve with the changing industry requirements. Raivat Property Advisory LLP has also incorporated state of the art CRM software to make the lives of their employees much easier and make their operations more effective.

The organizational structure of raivat property advisory LLP is unique and the company has a wide network of associates working on various leads concentrating in the mumbai and gujarat market

The company has had a multitude of achievements and milestones over these past eight years, such as Raivat Property Advisory LLP created history by selling 13 Golf Villas in a single largest transaction worth Rs. 58 crore in the Adani Shantigram Township by Adani Group. With their unique ability to connect their clients with the best developers in the country and the company’s willingness to offer after sales services free of cost, Raivat Property Advisory LLP has been scaling unprecedented heights. Not ready to rest on their laurels, the company is gearing up for a major overhaul and Raivat Property Advisory LLP is aiming to have a global presence and deal with luxury properties across the globe. The company is also planning to start their office in Dubai shortly to expand their reach in the Middle East.