Media Mic: Amalgamating Various PR Tools to Generate Finest Communication Strategies

CIO Vendor The importance of good public relations and corporate communication strategies are crucial for the growth and development of companies both big and small. It is key to advertise the brand in the proper way in order to increase the company’s reputation and goodwill. There are many PR and communication consultancy firms operating in the market nowadays and they can be generally classified into two with one being experienced and catering to a wider audience and the other one being less experienced and catering for a niche audience. The problem with the big consultancy agencies is that they will only be providing generic solutions and services and the smaller firms will be having problems when it comes to providing solutions in complicated business scenarios. Acknowledging this gap in the industry, Ankita Vazirani and Saumya Sharma established Media Mic in 2018. With their domain expertise and nearly a decade long experience of working closely with both big and small startups has helped them to provide bespoke solutions for their clients. This helped them to model their revenue framework to include deferred payments and stock option just to suit the need of this segment. The company’s work philosophy of working smart rather than working hard has helped Media Mic to create a close Knit network spanning across 25 cities.

Media Mic is a new age communication agency and consultancy firm that concentrates on innovative ideas fact based communication strategies consistent brand messaging tactics, and measurable results services which are tested and proven to generate the best results. The biggest goal set by the company was to make the PR industry more result oriented and they focus on providing end-to-end solutions for their clients when it comes to communication and PR problems faced by their clients. "We are very
selective when it comes to picking our clients but when we partner with them we go all in and provide them the best of our services including image management media management, strategy development influencer engagement and social media management. Our services start right from creating the media kit to strategy development and finally execution. We also have integrated influencer marketing and crisis management in our service portfolio to be a one stop solution for our clients. Our strong media outreach through our nation wide network partnerships allows us to help our clients reach vernacular audience and create the right impact” says Ankita Vazirani.

Media Mic believes in the policy of ‘No one plan fits all’and this has helped in creating customized strategies to create a niche in the industry within this short period of time

Media Mic believes in the policy of ‘No one plan fits all’ has helped Media Mic to create a niche in the industry within this short period of time. “Today, brands are looking for communication partners and not agencies that not just execute plans but also guide them on all other brand communication aspects. We aim to be just that. We take extra effort to help our clients reach their goals by guiding them when it comes to setting their budgets, selecting the target audience and design positioning which they can use across communications both internal and external. This is evident in our high client retention rates and the fact that most of our new clients come through references given by our present clients” states, Saumya Sharma. This customer centric and result oriented approach has helped the company to bag clients from various verticals including healthcare, education, luxury, lifestyle, NGOs, and public offices. Some of the companies in their clientele include Inito, Classplus, Eupheus Learning, Clinikk, ClickPost and Sitaram Bhartia Hospital.

Understanding the importance and need of going digital, Media Mic is planning to enter the digital marketing field. The company has also set their goal to double the revenue in the next 6 months and they are also thinking about partnering with organizations like Startup India and Venture Funds in order to increase their market presence.