AQA Quality Management Systems: Offering Comprehensive ISO Certification Solutions for Both Private and Public Organizations

CIO Vendor ISO certification has been accepted as the benchmark of quality since the inception of the quality standard. International Standardization Organization or ISO as it is commonly referred to certifies companies based on the quality of their operations. Getting an ISO certification opens many doors for companies to expand their operations and many businesses use it as a tool for advertisement also. Several companies have started offering specialized ISO certification consultancy services. Even though more and more industries and other business organizations are going for QMS implementation and certification some sort of dilution has happened during recent years that have led to many of the incompetent and unapproved consultants and certification bodies appearing and diluting the industry. In this complex market scenario organizations both big and small are facing the dilemma of choosing a credible and competent consultant.

AQA Quality Management Systems is an ISO 9001 certified company with a MSME license that is incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, operating with the mission to provide Consultancy Services in ISO Certification, Corporate Training, and Project Management to name a few. Founded by the dynamic duo of Antony Joseph and Nancy Antony AQA Quality Management Systems functions with a vision to propagate quality consciousness among all types of organizations to ensure compliant free products and service. “Understanding the lack of dedicated professional consultants in the ISO certification space I started AQA Quality Management Systems in 2007. Most of the Government companies prefer our service because we are a Principal Consultant of QCI and with our team of about 15 experienced engineers we can outperform our competitors and provide better results for our clients. Through various questionnaires and checklists, we understand our clients’ current situation and then we will have a detailed look at their internal and external issues and then design a
suitable system for them”, avers Antony Joseph, Managing Director, AQA Quality Management Systems.

The company offers consultancy services for many of the ISO Standards like QMS (ISO 9001:2015), EMS(ISO 14001:2015), FSMS (ISO 22000), ISMS (ISO 27001), OHMS (ISO 45001), and EnMS (ISO 50001) to name a few. Operating with a unique implementation style the company guarantees their clients that AQA Quality Management Systems will always support them until they get their desired certification. To gain the trust of their clients AQA Quality Management Systems has even taken an extra step that sees the company getting paid in installments and their last payment will be received only after their clients get the certificate from the Certification Body. This customer centric approach has helped AQA Quality Management Systems to create an impressive client portfolio of 450 plus clients out of which more than 50 per cent are government organizations including the famous government operated CDIT.

AQA Quality Management Systems has been already mentioned as one of the 7 principal consultants as per QCI owing to their impeccable track record and more than a decade of successful and noteworthy services

AQA Quality Management Systems has been already mentioned as one of the 7 principal consultants as per QCI owing to their impeccable track record and more than a decade of successful and noteworthy services for their clients. “By entering into the contract with some of the prestigious clients we have become one of the leading consultants in India. Now we have started our work in the Chief Minister’s office(Kerala), which maybe the most attractive feather in our crown. Even though our organization is suffering from manpower turnover we make sure that it won't affect the quality of our implementation as we follow the principle ‘Men may come, Men may go but AQA’s Quality of implementation will never change. This principle may affect the financial aspect of our business but for us it is secondary”, speaks Nancy Antony, Founder, AQA Quality Management Systems. As for the future of the company, AQA Quality Management Systems are planning to enter into many other new standards during the coming year like the EOMS(ISO 21001:2018) that the company launched recently.