Holani Consultants: Helping Clients Increase Productivity and Cost-effectiveness

Procurement and maintenance of adequate finance can be a tough task for companies. For SME’s it is much harder to raise the capital needed to establish or expand their business. Helping SME’s and other mid- size companies to develop and expand their horizon is Holani Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Headed by Ramavtar Holani who has 40 years of experience in the area of finance and other corporate services, Holani Consultants has been churning out innovative solutions for their clients when it comes to the area of finance. Headquartered in Jaipur the company which was founded in 2002 by the Holani family is setting new standards in the field of providing a one-stop solution for SME’s and midsized companies.

Acknowledging the immense opportunity in the field of providing expert services for SMES’s, Holani Consultants started with acquiring funds from banks and other financial institutions for SME’s to help in developing them. After years of studying the market, Holani Consultants started providing merchant banking services which they acquired the license in 2017. Later in 2018 the firm acquired the license from SIDBI and they have been regularly launching IPO’s for various companies since then.

The hard work and domain expertise helped has Holani Consultants to be a leading brand in the securities market consultancy services. The firm prides itself in offering integrated solutions encompassing top notch financial advisory services to help their clients establish in the market. Holani Consultants also provides diversified services to clients such as public issues, corporate finance and wealth management. Relying on the experience in the field, the company has also started providing valuation services for clients that will help the SME’s to attract investors.

Today, Holani Consultants thrives on the challenges that they face. The firm helps its clients to complete all the formalities including the paper documentations which help them raise funds from various financial institutions. “If the required fund is more we will also help them to raise capital from the public. We have got immense experience in the field of
finance because we have got experts in the company which helps us to make a detailed analysis about our client’s situation and give them tailor made solutions. Another key aspect which helped us in our growth is the fact that we started our company from zero and we have worked our way through the levels to develop our company to what it is today and because of that we understand each and every challenge that our clients face” says CA Ashok Holani, Director, Holani Consultants.

Relying on the experience in the field, Holani Consultants has started providing valuation services for clients that will help the SME’s to attract investors

By sharing innovative ideas and executing those with excellent expertise Holani Consultants is able to provide optimum customer satisfaction for their clients. This 360-degree consultancy approach has helped the firm to be one of the trusted names in the industry with an impressive clientele of 50 plus companies including Lexus E2E Networks and Transcorp. The company credits its team majorly for the success of the firm. “Out of the 25 employees that we have, 8 are chartered accountants 7 are company secretaries and 2 are CFA’s. We see our employees as family members and we give them a healthy working environment so that they can develop and become experts in the field” mentions Ashok.

Betting high on their knowledge and understanding about the industry Holani Consultants are aiming to be the leading advisory organization providing comprehensive services and business solutions to both SME’s and corporate. With the plan of expanding their operations and by scheduling new branch launches in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore Holani Consultants are making a strong stand.