Ken & Co: Rendering Technology to Tackle Business Challenges

CIO Vendor Today, SMEs have become one of the most sensitive sectors. When you engage in business, there are many forms of compliance that a company and its employees must uphold. In business following rules and regulations can do you more help can causing harm. Established in 1980 as a proprietary concern by K Elangovan. Ken & Co. is a professional firm which addresses such challenges by offering services like Data Privacy Audits, Data Analytics and BI, Information Systems Audit, Implementation and Testing of Internal Financial Controls(IFC), Forensic Audits, Advisory on Emerging Technologies as such Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation to the traditional areas like Tax and Assurance, and Process Audit.

We are a chartered accountant firm with our primary focus on SMEs. Unlike other firms, we are a little different. We try to use as much as possible technology in all the work that we do. It may be a simple accounting or even an Income Tax filing. I think technology is not only about any software because the software is just one part of it. From getting the data through sources in an easier format to processing the data to their respective destinations, technology makes it easier. Blending technology and processes, we can deliver more value in terms of profit”,says Narasimhan Elangovan, Co-Founder, Ken & Co.

Ken & Co. offers Tech-Enabled Services which gives them an edge over their competitors. They provide advisory services to clients such as developing their technological aspects, for instance Ken & Co. audits the application, software data and also examines the segregation of roles and
responsibilities. Another space that Ken & Co. addresses is Data Analytics and BI, they provide a dashboard facility where the subordinates can make realtime analysis and evaluate the work progress of their employees.

From being a traditional chartered accountant firm Ken & Co. has witnessed a transformation to evolving as a digital chartered accountant

Narasimhan states, “We provide a very interesting service known as digitization so we call ourselves as a Digital Transformation Catalyst. We try to understand from clients what are the core business problems their company is facing and try to solve them using technology. Some times they feel that their accounting style is a little outdated or they may feel that the accounting is fine but they get to see the reports after six months or a year and many more as such. They may have a process but it may be purely manually driven, in such case we look out how we can use software automation to deliver the expected services.”

As the world is moving towards a technological space, Ken & Co. has adapted the term technology well in their operations to offer smart services that make their process easier. Starting from very basic elements such as tracking the performance of the workforce, maintaining a time sheet or allocation of duties the company uses quite a few simple tools and firmly believes in technology as adaptable, affordable and which brings in value. “I'm sure all of us use Microsoft Excel but, little do we know that in Microsoft Excel, we can write macros, we can write scripting we can create automated forms, automated templates and many more. We plan to use such unique and easy tools in our office which makes us different and more productive”, explains Narasimhan.

From being a traditional chartered accountant firm Ken & Co. has witnessed a transformation to evolving as a digital chartered accountant. Ken & Co. offers services across India and is now planning to spread the branches in some of the major cities of the country. Also the company is planning to specialize as a Digital Transformation Catalyst and develop a full fledged portfolio of services.