Credence Capital Advisors: Creating Better Development Opportunities For SMEs With Unique Advisory Services

CIO Vendor Each and every company focuses on growth and development. On the road towards that growth, every company faces numerous problems and challenges. For SMEs it is important to survive the first couple of years without major losses and is¬sues. However lack of proper funding and professional guidance increases the chances of the firms to shut down its operations even before the first two years of operations. Playing a key role in such scenario, SME advisors help SMEs to steer the company away from imminent losses guides them towards a much safer path. An SME advisor can bring the right insight which business owners need as they start out. SME advisors evaluate business proposals together with the client’s financial and business status to assess viability and bank ability of proposals and advise clients to choose the appropriate option. They also advise clients on management practices methods and techniques. Established in 2015, Credence Capital Advisors was set up to provide quality financial advisory services which were lacking in the SME sector.

"The holistic approach and smart operations techniques of credence capital advisors have helped them come a long way since inception and tackle the initial challenges at hand"

A collaborated concept of Jayesh Sangani, Sagar Sangani, and Hemali Sangani, Credence Capital Advisors today provides a wide range of advisory services to SME’s which includes fundraising, budgeting, working capital management, business registrations and taxation management of the highest quality. The advisory firm also provides premier financial planning, real estate management, succession planning and trading services for the retail customers. The knowledge and expertise of Credence Capital Advisors in the industry along with their strong and credible connections with banks and NBFC’s have helped them in spreading their advisory services to hospitality, automobile, cybersecurity, information technology, plastic manufacturing and petrochemical sectors.

The holistic approach and smart operations techniques of Credence Capital Advisors have helped them come a long way since inception and tackle the initial challenges at hand. “SME advisory industry is a competitive space. We
knew that we needed to create our own differentiators in this space to create a strong name for ourselves. Hence, we first identified the existing pain points of SMEs. Most large companies, due to their financial strength are able to hire multiple specialised advisors however, SMEs most often lack the financial resources to hire various advisors, although they equally need these advisors to guide them to their next level of growth. Most SME advisory firms are specialized in one or two areas, thus making it difficult for SMEs to get comprehensive and actionable advisory for their business. This is where we started creating our niche. Today, what gives us an edge is that we are able to provide comprehensive advisory services to SMEs on various strategic, financial, taxation and legal aspects across different industries”, says, Mr. Jayesh Sangani, Founder, Credence Capital Advisors.

Credence capital advisors’ diverse team of professionals and their client first approach has helped credence capital advisors to expand their horizons

Credence Capital Advisors’ diverse team of professionals and their client first approach has helped Credence Capital Advisors to expand their horizons to include other expert advisory services like business planning and CFO services, treasury management services risk management services and market research services to their portfolio. This commitment to their profession has helped the firm to register 100 percent growth year on year since the inception of the company in 2015. This growth percentage shows

the trust that is created between Credence Capital Advisors and their 350 plus clients. For the future, Credence Capital Advisors is planning to work closely with SME’s to improve their growth rates. The company is also planning to take SME’s to the IPO stage in the next 3 to 5 years. Another big dream for the Credence Capital Advisors is to add merchant banking services to get the high growth SME’s listed and the firm is constantly striving towards it.