Balaji Railroad System(Barsyl): An Integrated Railway Consultancy Solutions Provider With A Global Reach

CIO Vendor The history of the Indian railway dates back to the time of the British era, where they created a complex railroad system to take the raw materials from the hinterlands to the ports. More than half a century later Indian Railways has now transformed into one of the busiest and commonly used public transportation systems in the world. As one of the most complex and intricate railway systems in the world special care and attention should be given to the regular maintenance of the systems. Many consultants and agencies started focusing on offering solutions for the railways after the Indian Government started various initiatives to improve the railway network by modernizing the signaling system and electrifying the entire network. With the urban transport and metros also witnessing an expansion into the network the competition in the space is getting fiercer day by day.

Acknowledging the gap in understanding the cost and time needs of the industry BARSYL started its operation in 1986. Balaji Railroad Systems Private Limited or BARSYL started off as a partnership firm to offer consultancy and advisory services to user industries of the Indian Railway system mainly cement and power. Since their inception, the company headed by H C Shrivastava, Arjun Pershad and MP Sankaranarayanan has been working round the clock to offer expert solutions that could bridge these gaps and improve the overall quality and efficiency of the Indian railways.

An Elite Railway System Consultant
BARSYL is an ISO ­ 9001 ­ 2015 certified global railway consulting company that has over the last three decades completed more than 800 projects for clients across the globe covering various forms of rail, freight, passenger, metro and monorail. "We provide the entire gamut of rail transportation consultancy, advisory and engineering related services including project management consultancy. Our services cover all disciplines of the railway system such as track, structures, signal and telecoms, electrification and rolling stock. When our competitors cater to various sectors such as road, irrigation, and other such things, we have always concentrated all our efforts on the railways and our aim is to be recognized as one of the best railways focused consultancy companies in the world",avers H C Shrivastava, Co-Founder, BARSYL.

Staying true to their USP of 'On Track, On Time, Always', BARSYL has been growing stronger day by day and making massive leaps in the industry for more than three decades by serving the railway and urban transport sectors. The company has an impressive clientele which includes major Indian and International companies. "Our clientele includes private and public organizations from 15 different countries in 5 continents such as Network Rail (UK), Sri Lanka Railway, Corys Tess France, MTR Corp. Hong Kong and many others in the international market and Aditya Birla Group, Tata Group, Indian Railway, Chennai Metro, Delhi Metro, and Hyderabad Metro making up our Indian clients" says Manoranjan Pershad, Co-Founder, BARSYL.

One of the most successful and recognizable under takings by BARSYL is the
Hyderabad Metro which is the largest public private partnership(PPP) metro in the world and the company has played various roles in this project and is still actively involved in the project even after 25 years.

Staying true to their USP of 'on track, on time, always', barsyl has been growing stronger day by day and making massive leaps in the industry for more than three decades

Employees Fuelling the Growth
The employees of BARSYL have been the backbone of the company since its inception and the company recognizes the importance of constantly developing their employees and considers them as their most prized asset. "One of the key thoughts that we impart and develop in our employees' right from the day they join us is that BARSYL is not just an Indian Railway Consultant, but, a Global railway consultant based in India. This is backed up with rigorous training in railway engineering which enables them to handle projects for any railway specifications and standards irrespective of the fact that they have done this before or not. BARSYL has been one of the pioneers to offer design services in the UK(based on British Standards). Over the years our teams have also designed railway systems to Australian, American and Russian standards", asserts Sunil Srivastava, MD, BARSYL.

Due to their hard work and dedication, BARSYL has been clocking an average growth rate of 15 percent year on year and BARSYL has been awarded on multiple occasions with various national and international awards for their contributions to the sector. The future plan of the company is to harness the potential of the Indian growth and development along with penetrating the export markets by widening their geographic spread and focusing more on Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Africa. BARSYL is also taking various strategies to grow exports to 30 perfect of their current turnover and improve their profits.

Manoranjan Pershad, Co-Founder
Manoranjan has acquired substantial experience from having been in PSU for almost three and a half decades, after which he stared off in the consulting industry in the field of railway and urban transport.

Office Location Secunderabad
Offerings:End-to-end railway consultancy services

Sunil Srivastava, MD
Sunil is an experienced engineering and management professional with a demonstrated history of working in the railway industry. He is a strong business development professional skilled in negotiation, operations management, project coordination, and contract management.