Arkitechno: Blending Expertise and Offerings to Establish New Standards In Engineering Consultancy Realm

CIO Vendor As one of the fastest-growing industries in India the infrastructure and development industry has developed into one of the biggest revenue generators of the country. By 2022, India is looking at an investment requirement worth 50 trillion in the infrastructure segment for sustainable development. With both the government and private players working tirelessly on the upcoming projects the infrastructure industry is riding on one of the highest growth percentages in recent years. Growing toe-to-toe with the infrastructure and development industry is the engineering consultancy business. In this industry boom Arkitechno was introduced to provide end-to-end time bound solutions within the engineering consultancy space at competitive prices.

Set in 1997, Arkitechno started their operations under the guidance of industry expert Rajesh Roy Choudhury, an entrepreneur by nature who always had the dream of starting an elite consultancy firm in the engineering and infrastructural realm that provides integrated consultancy services to its customer. Evolving with the changing market requirements today Arkitechno has set a niche for itself with its unique offerings and expertise in this domain.

A Comprehensive Solution Provider
Offering a complete range of services related to the civil infrastructure domain, Arkitechno has set a high benchmark in the industry. Providing full range of skills for every aspect of the civil sector right from the project development stage through to the end use quality audits, Arkitechno is an end-to-end solution provider incorporating latest technologies and innovations to meet the requirement of the customers. "The design and architectural services that we offer start from the preliminary planning to detail architecture drawing and detail engineering and all the steps and processes in between. We carry out all forms of engineering projects as engineers, architects, planners, transaction advisors, quality auditors and project management consultants. Other than this, we also provide transportation planning, supervising services, auditing, documentation services, and contract management. At Arkitechno, we strive to offer every service to meet the requirements of civil industry right from the project development stage through to the end-use quality audits", avers Rajesh Roy Choudhury, Founder and Managing Director, Arkitechno.

Arkitechno has developed a unique approach when it comes to operating in the industry which has allowed the firm to work on projects of varied nature like designing, monitoring, and modernization of roads, railways, bridges, dams, and dealing with the auditing of pre and post constructed structures. Arkitechno's flexibility has also helped them to partner up with various private and public organizations on out of the ordinary ventures like the construction of expressways, inland waterways and smart cities.

Looking back at the journey of Arkitechno, the firm has successfully fulfilled their vision of being at the fore front of architectural and engineering
excellence in India by holding onto their core values of accountability, respect, knowledge, integrity, time, empowerment, commitment, holistic, nurturing, and optimum.

Standing Out with Innovative Ideas and Techniques
Arkitechno firmly believes in the philosophy of giving back to the society, hence keeping up with this ideology the firm always puts an extra effort to add the concept of sustainability in all the designs and blueprints they work on. With technology and innovation being the key factors behind Arkitechno's impressive and eye-catching growth in this domain, Rajesh say, "We as a company started from ground zero and fast forward 20 years later, we have developed into one of the most recognized names in the industry not only in India but also in many African and Southeast Asian countries. Our constant strives for innovation and the craving for always being the front runner in adopting and implementing the latest technology has been the backbone of our success. We even bring in foreign experts to help us understand the changing trends in the international market and these constant updates keep us a notch ahead of our competitors as we provide quint essential services to our clients."

Arkitechno sees their employees as their most prized possession and the workforce of arkitechno is the perfect combination of youth fulness and experience.

Taking in all the innovations around the globe is one thing but putting it into action is a whole different ball game. Arkitechno sees their employees as their most prized possession and the workforce of Arkitechno is the perfect combination of youth fulness and experience. The company's employees have always welcomed the challenges and their expertise and energy are the fuel that is driving Arkitechno's growth. The consultancy firm also participates in international conferences and shows to regularly update their employees with the latest happenings of the industry. This along with the regular training and development programs conducted by the company helps our 300 plus employees to always stay on top of their game.

Planning to enter new markets, Arkitechno is making every single effort to extract the best use of all the opportunities that are coming their way and develop into a globally recognized brand. Whether it is about developing roads and highways, planning cities and townships, erecting tall buildings, or providing any other of its myriad multidimensional services, Arkitechno always makes every effort to deliver world class standards. It is this attitude that has helped the company to win various prestigious awards and create an impressive client portfolio which consists of companies like ONGC, LIC, Indian Overseas Bank, and Sterlite Energy. Arkitechno thrives on its creative spark and intellectual independence which has been there from its very beginning and has eventually helped the firm set a spot for itself in this competitive domain.

Rajesh Roy Choudhury, Founder And Managing Director
Born in an engineering family, rajesh developed keen interest in engineering and infrastructure from a young age onwards. To realize his dream of starting an elite engineering consultancy firm he completed his B Tech in civil engineering from utkal university.

Office Location: Odisha
Offerings: transportation planning, supervising services, auditing, documentation services, contract management, and other designing and architectural services