Javid Patel And Co: Offering Sound Financial Solutions And Advice To Help Achieve Business Objectives

CIO Vendor Introduced in 2017, the Goods and Service Tax of India has been a game changing reformation in the indirect tax structure of India. A reform that created a lot of confusion, in the beginning, is now helping the country to attract the attention of various stakeholders. While the implementation of GST has affected everyone starting from the manufacturers to the consumers, it is important that you know when to file your GST returns to avoid interests and penalties. Many firms have come up in the market providing various services related to GST. However, a step ahead of the rest, Javid Patel, a Diploma holder in IFRS (ACCA U.K.)established Javid Patel & Co in 2014.

The Senior Most Partner of the firm Javid Patel, has spearheaded the firm to grow with his rich experience of over 9 years across audit and accounting verticals. In his professional capacity, he was instrumental in leading Audit Assignments, Accounting and Income Tax Services for reputed clients, His professional accolades include independently leading Central Statutory Audits for large Firms, Income Tax and Service Tax matters. His professional experience in working with clients and high quality service approache has always been the guiding spirit for the firm.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Javid Patel & Co is an expert in the field of providing various GST services including the filing of GST returns. In a market with immense competition, the company founded by CA Javid Patel has now created a niche for itself. After completing his CA in 2009 Javid Patel worked for a multinational company for some time before starting his own company. Having encountered numerous challenges in this competitive domain, the ability to provide custom made solutions for their clients along with their constant drive for perfection has helped Javid Patel to expand
their reach and their diversified clientele acts as a testimonial for the quality of their services. Other than providing consultancy regarding the filing of GST returns, Javid Patel & Co also focuses on GST Registration, Claiming of Refund from Department and Assessments, providing Statutory Audits, Tax Audit and Income Tax Return Filing Services. The highest quality of services provided at minimum cost makes the clientele of the company diverse which includes companies from various fields like Financial institutions Capital Market intermediaries, Builders, Corporates, Manufacturing and Trading firms, Co-op. Housing Societies. The major players in their clientele include companies like MPD Impex Private Limited, Techunido Software Solutions Private Limited, Fluidfit Engineering Private Limited, Lucky Biryani. "Usually the clients come up with complicated work and they always try to give low fees but as an ethical consultant, it is my responsibility to make them understand the complications involved in the work,"shares Javid Patel, Founder, Javid Patel & Co.

Javid Patel & Co is ensuring that each one of his clients is getting specialized care and that their queries are addressed as quickly as humanly possible

With the combined effort of himself and his staff, Javid Patel is ensuring that each one of his clients are getting specialized care and that their queries are addressed as quickly as humanly possible. "This extra care to detail has helped us increase our clientele in the past couple of years. As the founder of the company, I don't hold back when it comes to sharing the importance of having the best sup-port team possible," says Javid.

By delivering the best quality service with adequate due diligence and by ensuring true respect towards the profession of Chartered Accountancy, Javid Patel & Co is turning themselves into one of the top brands when it comes to the field of providing GST services. Javid Patel has high expectations about the company's potential for development in the industry. "Looking at the future of our company, we are expecting to grow consistently by appointing more work personnel for creating employment opportunities. We are also planning to increase the clientele of the company for generating more revenue but we will be ensuring that the increasing clientele will not affect quality of the services we provide", concludes Javid.