Agarwal Estates Team: Revolutionize The Experience Of Real Estate Services In India

CIO Vendor The real estate industry in India is one of the biggest in the world and has grown into the second biggest in the world when it comes to generating employment opportunities. The Indian real estate industry is so massive that it accounts for 5 percent of the country's entire GDP. With the growth scale only going to increase in the next few years, the industry is expected to grow at 30 percent year on year. The lack of credible and reputed players in the industry is adversely affecting the image of the Indian real estate sector in the global market. Trying to stop this trend and bring out new and improved standards in the industry is Agarwal Estates.

The company's founders Manoj Agarwal and Prema Agarwal identified that there was a significant trust gap in the Indian real estate market mainly because of the lack of standardization in the industry. As an owner of an apartment in the U.S. and as a consumer in India, Manoj Agarwal could first handedly see the gap in quality of service and trust in the two markets. In spite of being thousands of miles away from the US, he used to receive the committed rent regularly in his account and also observed that there was visible contrast in the work and ethics, of the real estate agents in these two markets.

Redefining Trust in Indian Real Estate Market
Trust is one of the most essential binding factors in any business and the real estate sector is no different. When looking at the Indian real estate space one can identify that the industry mainly consists of disorganized private players and there are no common standards or approaches that regulate the quality of the industry. "Trust is a commodity which is mostly in short supply in the Indian real estate space and in such a market, as the prevailing mood is one of distrust, it leads to unethical practices being followed by both new and established players who may initially have wanted to deal in a trustworthy manner but eventually falls into the unending cycle of manipulations. Working in this current market scenario is obviously a challenge and at the same time, it is also an opportunity to build a brand that is operating with an ulterior motive of redefining trust", asserts, Manoj Agarwal, Founder, Agarwal Estates.

Agarwal Estates is exactly doing that to get the trust of their clients by adopting various approaches like providing completely transparent services with no hidden agenda, empowering customers by providing them with knowledge, and a process driven approach that is predictable and let the customers know what to expect. Following this operational philosophy Agarwal Estates has managed to exceed the expectations of their clients and
provide them with expert services. For a company that started with just rental advisory services, Agarwal Estates has grown to become a full-stack real estate firm that includes buying and selling of all realestate (residential, commercial & land), rental and leasing, interior design, contracting, loans and allied services to both individuals and corporate. The company's thorough need analysis policy which helps them to understand in detail the requirements of their customers has been one of the most important factors that are fuelling Agarwal Estates growth.

Agarwal estates has grown to become a full-stack real estate firm that serves customers for all their needs from buying, selling, property management and rentals of land, residential and commercial properties and also assisting with loans, interiors & allied services

Betting High on Employees for Sustained Growth
Employees' recruitment has been one of the most challenging scenarios for Agarwal Estates as it was hard to identify qualified personnel that aligns' perfectly with the philosophies and ideologies of the company. After a few rounds of trial and error, a core team emerged that formed the foundation for growth of the company. "As an organization, we follow learn and grow culture at Agarwal Estates. We believe that diamonds are found in the rough. We hire almost exclusively from outside the real estate sector based on attitude and ethics and then put them through our training process. This means that the company invests significantly in employee learning (both domain knowledge as well as soft skills) and we believe that this is the only way for a company with our vision to grow. After all, each member of the team is a brand ambassador of the ethics and work culture of the organization", avers, Prema Agarwal, Co-Founder, Agarwal Estates.

The company's lifelong learning approach has helped them to partner with various reputed organizations including HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Asian Paints, and Saint Gobain to name a few. Agarwal Estates believes in sustainable and organic growth and the company is planning in future to increase the accessibility of their services to cater to a bigger audience and realize their dream of changing the perception about real estate in India.

Manoj Agarwal, Founder
A jack of all trades, Manoj Agarwal has held admirable positions in multiple global organizations and he is a specialist when it comes to strategic planning, resource management and capacity planning.

Prema Agarwal, Co-Founder:
As an expert business and relationship manager, Prema Agarwal played a crucial role in developing agarwal estates from the ground up. She is also actively involved in looking after customer relations in the organisation.

Office Location: Bangalore
Offerings: End-To-End Real Estate Solutions