Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting: Trusted Management Consulting Partner offering Customized Strategies

CIO Vendor India is witnessing variations in economic status after two major financial implications by the government Demonetisation and Goods Service Tax (GST). Post these financial implications the Indian industries are inclining much towards the business consultants in order to avoid losses and to earn back good revenue and profits. The consulting market in the country has seen a growth of 18 percent by the end of 2018. The management and strategy consultants are one of the major types that are contributing to the country’s economy. To achieve the objectives of an organization and to flourish as a successful firm, the company should be having a good team for management and strategy. The management consultants help the companies in solving conflicts by providing the right solutions and also suggest strategies in order to avoid any challenges that may arise in the future.

Established in 2014, in Chennai, Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting is a management consulting firm which helpsits clients to achieve the organizational objectives by offering advises like Brain Storming, Focusing on the market share, revenue and customer base, Customer Service Strategies, Policy making, KPI Implementation, Employee Engagement Strategies, Employee Productivity, Audit and Service Assurance, BMCE Behaviour Modification through Compulsive Environment, ISO Implementation, Business Excellence Framework Implementation, Retail Excellence and Leadership Strategies and conducts Market Research and Consumer Study for the companies. “In order to help the SMEs, we established Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting. In the early days we offered services by helping companies in strategizing sales, people and
processing, also organizational developmental interventions”, stated K U Srinivason, Principal Consultant, Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting.

The consulting services that Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting offers are Organizational Development Strategy, People(customer-centric) Strategy, Customer Service Strategy, Goto Market Strategy, and Advisory Services. The firm helps its clients in solving major challenges like Employee Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, and Process Improvement. The global market for Management and Strategy Consultants is highly competitive in nature and the companies are coming up with niche strategies in this domain to stay ahead. “The factor that makes us different from our competitors in this market is our new frameworks and techniques that we follow to provide high-quality services such as BMCE framework, Sweet Spots, Brain Tattoo and MRC (Market Share, Revenue and Customer). The core competency lies in People Management,” says K U Srinivason.

Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting has grown exceptionally towards success and today, it is one of the recognized firms in the management consulting domain. Apart from India the firm has served services in various countries such as Uganda Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands. Today, Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting is offering its services to top retail giants in Tamilnadu and other states across India. The firm has served to the companies namely DNI, Bharat Matrimony, The Chennai Silks, Pothy’s Bangalore, and many more. The firm believes that the major factors that have contributed towards the growth of the firm are the services offered to MSME capacity development, organization development, training and development, and ISO Implementation and Audit.

The firm keeps updating its employees with changing trends in the consulting domain, various activities, workshops, and seminars are conducted for the employees. They are also given opportunities to participate in several management consulting meetings held across countries. Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting considers that if the right strategies are deployed with passionate people and efficient processes, any company can deliver better performance. The firm has future roadmaps like giving special focus on retail industry and providing high range of audit and service assurance to their clients. “We are a reputed consulting firm which focuses on organization development interventions, and our firm is one of the most preferred and trusted consulting partners for business excellence”, concludes K U Srinivason.