Synergy International: Custom-Designed Business Consultancy for International & Indian Investors

CIO Vendor With the world becoming a global village, and with technology flattening markets, the market for International Corporate Consultants across India is growing significantly. For the Indian companies to grow their global business they need support for their entry and operations in the foreign markets. Hiring an international consultant can provide the necessary information, guidance and help which is required to be successful in international business operations. A professional market driven management and marketing Consulting Organization based out of New Delhi, Synergy International is providing custom designed and cost effective business development services to Indian and foreign companies for sourcing of New 2 India technologies, products, services, augmenting imports & exports and for developing strategic alliances. M.P.S. (Mini)Puri, Founder, Synergy International says, “After living in India and Europe for many years, I realized that the trade and business between India and the developed countries could grow quickly, especially by the small and medium sized enterprises. The two-way communication on a company to company level could be made more efficient and the cross cultural differences could be reduced. This is what inspired me to establish Synergy International”.

Established in 1995, Synergy International offers a complete range of services such as Market Research, Partner Search, Participation in the trade shows, ex¬positions and seminars, Setting of demonstration & Pilot projects, Crisis management, Logistic support, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting to the clients in India and foreign countries. Synergy International guides the clients through usual challenges like lack of initiative to adopt any New-2-India technology, understanding the buying cycle, slow decision making process, price-sensitive market, high import duties & taxes, the paperwork required to meet the regulations and many more.
“In the early days, it was not easy for Synergy International to sell its high-end consulting and professional services as these being non-tangible goods, and also because our clients had to trust us before they buy from us. When the success of performing the service was observable, customers often could not determine the extent of the service that was needed and how much was actually performed”, adds Mini. To meet the objectives of the client and the market, Synergy International works very closely and honestly with the client and the different stake holders from the very beginning, to convince them about the economic viability of the proposal and holds their hand till the deal is done and also there after.

To meet the objectives of the client and the market, Synergy International works very closely and honestly with the client and the different stakeholders from the very beginning.

Synergy International has served clients both in India and abroad such as India Indo German Export Promotion, Kirloskar, IIT-Delhi,L&T, IFFCO, NTPC, BHEL, Reliance, NIFT and EIL. In Europe CIC Bank, Schneider Electric, Lectra Systems, Nedap, Amberg and Eurosilo, in USA Apple, AMD and Wisconsin School of Business in Japan ITO, Aprica, and Forum8. Synergy’s USP is its effectiveness in introducing New-2-India technologies and concepts in India. Some of the other milestones of Synergy include Technologies for Making Long Tunnels and UnderGround Infrastructure, Virtual Reality(IR) & Simulation Systems for Town Planning & Road Safety, Technology for Selective Electro Chemical Platting In Situ, Flameproof & Weatherproof Telecommunication Systems, Technology for the Application of Fibre Reinforced Plastic(FRP)for Power Plant Chimneys and many more.

Today, Synergy International’s effectiveness in introducing New-2- India technologies, concepts, systems and equipment in India and its success stories are some of the reasons that have contributed to the growth of the firm. Synergy drives strength from its team of professionals having rich national and international hands-on experience in the manufacturing and services sectors and is supported by a network of business associates in India and different countries. In the years to come, it shall continue to work and help bring-in New-2-India technologies, concepts and systems to make the Indian industry become globally more competitive, sustainable and environmentally friendly.