Whitespace Consulting: Building a Framework of Sustainable Business Excellence for Healthcare Companies

CIO Vendor It's always easy to give guidance to someone and then go away. Traditional consultancy models followed this practice where a team of consultants would come, analyze data, identify the problem, recommend solutions and then walk away. The accountability of performance was left to the company who had to implement the recommendations of the Consultants. The spectrum of expertise vendors ranged from big consulting firms dealing with pan company projects like succession planning, corporate restructuring, supply chain and more to the trainers who would be hired for various skill-building initiatives of the teams in the companies. Both these models have their strengths and limitations, the primary being the gap between expectations and performance due to the limitations in application of knowledge and skills. It is to solve this problemthe WhiteSpace came into existence.

Whitespace is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses achieve their growth expectations through bespoke interventions in marketing and sales force excellence. The company was set up to give custom made consulting and they specialize in building marketing and sales excellence for healthcare companies. Hard work and passion has taken the company a long way since its inception. Whitespace has now created an impressive portfolio of services that include new product launch and life cycle management, developing brand communication and campaign design, medico marketing, portfolio strategy, and resource allocation. It has moved successfully in the areas of primary market research. WhiteSpace’s customized marketing capability program Brand Fitness Gym has been successfully rolled out to many pharmaceutical clients in the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East. WhiteSpace’s customized Will SkillDrill process of building excellence has resulted in tangible business outcomes for its clients.

Even though Whitespace has now created a niche for themselves, the initial struggles for the company involved developing connections with their clients
due to the lack of credible healthcare consultants in the space. “Even though I had been in the pharma field for so many years, I found it hard to convince clients because they thought that it was not possible for me to continue in the consulting field for a long time. Because of this, the initial flow of revenue for the company was affected”, says Dr. Vikram A Munshi, Founder, Whitespace Consulting and Capability Building.

Whitespace consulting and capability building are trying to upgrade an already impressive clientele which includes industry-leading pharma companies

With his sheer persistence, Dr. Munshi managed to turn the tides and Whitespace consulting started getting business from small pharma companies to provide training for their employees. By showing their excellence and dedication towards the projects they have completed, Whitespace Consulting started to make their name heard in the market. Later big companies started approaching Whitespace to solve the problems they were facing with their operations. “After some time, big companies started approaching us with various problems like helping them to launch new products and to provide solutions to improve the growth of the organization as a whole”, adds Dr. Munshi.

By investing heavily in conducting specialized research for pharma and healthcare companies to identify the quality of their products and services, Whitespace Consulting and Capability Building is trying to upgrade an already impressive clientele which includes industry leading pharma companies like Lupin, Himalaya, Cipla Dr.Reddys Labs and Apollo Sugar clinics to name a few.

The three man concept, Whitespace Consulting is trying to bridge the gap between consulting and capability building. Their market experience and innovative thinking have helped them to create an exciting future road map for the company which includes developing further into the healthcare sector and concentrating more on hospital consultancy to increase the profitability of the healthcare companies. “We believe patient experience and profitability are directly correlated and to derive inexpensive yet effective patient centric strategies in order make the customer experience memorable which in turn will make the healthcare sector more healthy. Since at the core we are all about transformation, we would work on creating a platform to work with individuals to help them in their own transformation journey”, states Dr. Munshi.