X is down: People Report that Comments and Posts are Disappearing

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 04 June 2024

It seems like Elon Musk's X is having problems, as users are reporting that comments and postings are vanishing. There are issues with the app, website, and publishing of DownDetector, a website that tracks internet failures.

It is unknown how many individuals have been affected by the outage, which looks to be global in nature and is affecting users in the US, the UK, portions of Europe, and other nations.

On X, users have complained that their posts are not being preserved. One user said that her tweets on the Wuhan coronavirus were vanished.

This is a work in progress; stay tuned for additional updates. 

Others have reported that after sharing a post, they are unable to view certain answers or locate the post on their page.  Relative to other social media problems that receive hundreds of thousands of reports, the number of issue reports to DownDetector seems in the thousands.

The most recent significant issue with X occurred in April and affected both posting and the main feed. However, similar to the present outage, some users were able to access the platform completely.

According to issue reports that DownDetector has received, 47% of users are experiencing issues with the app, 36% mentioned the website, and 18% mentioned posting. One X member reported that unsolvable captchas and the suspension of creator payouts are further issues.

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