Android Users Might Soon be Able to Send AI-Generated Emails

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 05 April 2024

Google is fully committed to implementing AI into all of its services. The IT giant is releasing new tools, such as Workspace and Search, that let users utilize AI to improve productivity and simplify services. In keeping with this update, Google is now developing a new feature in the Gmail app that will utilize AI to optimize email communication for Android users. This function, called "reply suggestions from Gemini," automatically generates potential responses for incoming emails using Google's AI model, Gemini.

Email discussions may look different in the future thanks to a feature that is now buried behind developer flags, as noted by AssembleDebug, an expert in Android code.After being turned on, Gemini scans an email's content and provides users with three contextually appropriate reply choices.Users may save a great deal of time and effort by not having to write lengthy email messages in response to these AI-generated responses, which might range from brief words to full sentences.

It is said that this feature's simplicity of usage contributes to its productivity.Users may select from a variety of recommended responses that automatically fill up the compose area with a single press.Before delivering the message, they can even personalize it.With the usage of this application, users will be able to respond to emails more quickly and concisely, saving time while writing longer responses.

Interestingly, Google had previously included Gemini inside Gmail. Google One AI Premium users may already take use of a test program called "Help me write," which uses Gemini to help with email composition in response to user commands. But unlike the "help me write" tool, this new "reply suggestions from Gemini" option will provide users with pre-written replies for quicker conversation.
Furthermore, Google has integrated a feedback system into the feature to further enhance its AI replies. When users see suggestions that are erroneous or irrelevant, they may click the "bad suggestions?" box to let Google know and gradually increase the AI's accuracy.

Although it is already available through developer flags, "reply suggestions from Gemini" has not yet been officially released. This suggests that before a wider launch, Google is probably still fine-tuning the functionality and getting user input.

Meanwhile, the arrival of AI-generated responses is a hint of Google's intentions to improve Android users' Gmail experience. This feature is consistent with the previously disclosed "Help Me Write" feature, which lets users tell Gmail what kind of email they want to write and the software would create a draft for them based on those instructions. To further streamline the process, Google is investigating the incorporation of voice commands for email composition.

A speech-activated interface within Gmail is expected to be included alongside the planned 'Draft email with voice' functionality. Users will be able to record audio in response or begin writing a new email simply touching the microphone symbol. Users may voice their message, then choose the 'Create' option. Gmail will then utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to turn their spoken instructions into a written email draft. This feature is still under development, according to Android Police, and although its code was first discovered in October 2023, the precise release date is still unknown.

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