WhatsApp's Latest Feature Can Send Video Notes Between Conversations

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 04 July 2024

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, continues to innovate with new features that aim to improve customer ease. According to a recent rumor from WABetaInfo, the messaging app intends to include the option to transmit outgoing video notes, eliminating the need to record the same message numerous times for various chats. This functionality will be made accessible to beta testers first, and then to all users progressively over time.

The new forwarding feature allows users to effortlessly exchange video notes across many chats, demonstrating WhatsApp's dedication to user-friendly changes. This feature is part of WhatsApp's continuous efforts to improve the user experience by offering more flexible ways to use video notes.

According to the article, beta members may now try out a redesigned camera option for sharing material. This mode simplifies the process of taking video notes by eliminating the requirement to tap and hold the camera icon in the chat bar. Users can instead record video notes directly from the camera interface using a specialized video note mode. This upgrade provides a more uniform and straightforward user experience, making it easier to record and send video messages.

WhatsApp's new video note feature simplifies the procedure by allowing users to shoot videos directly from the camera. This modification resolves earlier user misunderstanding and seeks to simplify the process of delivering video remarks. Currently, this functionality is being tested by select beta users.

This functionality is currently being tested by a restricted group of Android beta users who have installed the most recent beta version from the Google Play Store. A bigger deployment is expected in the near future, allowing more people to take use of this capability.

In addition to these upgrades, WhatsApp is looking at new methods to interface with Meta AI.  A future feature will let users create AI-powered photos of themselves. Users may utilize Meta AI to create personalized pictures by uploading a collection of setup photographs. This feature ensures that the produced photographs appropriately portray the user's look, and users have complete control over their setup photos, including the ability to delete them at any moment via the Meta AI settings.

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