WhatsApp is Developing a New Feature for Users to Create Avatars using Meta AI

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 02 July 2024

Meta Al recently became available in India and is now accessible across all meta platforms, including WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, Meta AI is completely free and functions like a knowledgeable companion for its users. It helps with a range of tasks from finding recipes to generating Al-based images. WhatsApp is finding ways to improve Meta Al with a new feature that will enable users to generate customized avatars. This new feature is presently in the developing stage and is not available for beta testing. 

Previous reports show that WhatsApp is progressing with a feature to enable users to select different Llama models for their AI connections. This section will allow users to opt for the default Llama 3-70B model for quicker prompts or advanced Llama 3-405B model for managing more important queries. WhatsApp seems committed to enhancing user experience with Meta AI, focusing on developing personalization. According to WABetaInfo,  the company is working on a permissive feature that will enable users to generate their own images using Meta AI. 

The report also mentioned that the application is actively exploring further combinations with Meta AI. The upcoming upgrade version focuses on enabling Al-generated images of users. This new feature will enable users to capture a single set of photos, which Meta AI will then use to generate these images. Users will need to capture the photos for analysis, the resulting images faithfully represent their appearance. Importantly, users will have complete control over the feature, including the ability to delete their photo at any time via the Meta AI settings and help guide options also available on this new feature to know more about it.

How will this feature operate?

Users can prompt Meta AI to create an image by typing “Imagine me” in the Meta AI chat. Alternatively, they can utilize this capability in other chats by typing “@Meta AI imagine me”. Meta AI operates independently for processing this command and will automatically share the resulting images and messages that appear in the conversation, the privacy remains protected. this feature is voluntary and requires users to opt in. Those interested must manually activate it in their settings and provide initial setup pictures. The development of a feature allowing users to generate pictures using Meta AI is currently in progress and will be included in the upcoming update.

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