WhatsApp has Turned Green for More iOS Users, Now in India

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 26 April 2024

Since WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps on the world, users take notice of any changes the company makes, no matter how little. The instant messaging software has made minor adjustments to its iOS user interface, switching from its customary blue motif to a green one. Although the update was first made available to users in February, it has now reached users in India as well. An increasing number of users are expressing their disapproval with WhatsApp's new visual interface on X in their opinions. You are not alone if you have also recently received the green interface.

Indian iOS users have begun to receive the latest version of WhatsApp, which features a green UI rather than the standard blue one. The UI of WhatsApp used to be a vivid blue on iPhones, while it was always green on Android smartphones. Everything has had a redesign, including the chat-list window and the status bar.

As previously stated, more people are now affected by the update, which started to roll out to users earlier this year. Apart from the icons, the links shared within the app also have a green tint rather than the customary blue one.

The modifications are intended to give users of WhatsApp a more contemporary and user-friendly experience, as previously disclosed by Meta.

"We've changed a few things about WhatsApp's appearance and feel, such the font, colors, and icons. According to a story in The Sun, the business stated, "These changes bring a modern, new experience to WhatsApp and make it more accessible and easier to use."

People gripe about WhatsApp being green

Whether they like it or not, all users will ultimately be switched to the greener interface as a result of the mandatory upgrade.

On social media, some individuals have already begun to voice their dislike for the green makeover.

"They say the #Green update will soften your eyes, but I think it's the worst and most annoying upgrade on WhatsApp. Who else concurs with this?" One user tweeted, "WhatsApp gone green," while another wrote. dislike being changed."

You're among the few people whose WhatsApp screen is still blue-themed, as not all users have gotten the update yet. But soon, the UI will also change for you.

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