Users of Android Will Finally Get iOS Call-To-Video Functionality

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 11 March 2024

A new feature on Google's phone app that makes it easier to quickly turn standard audio conversations into video chats using Google Meet is now in the testing stage. With just a single swipe, users can now effortlessly switch between audio and video chats thanks to an integrated button. Remarkably, iPhones have long had a similar capability that allows native video conversations by putting FaceTime right into the phone app.

Additionally, you might not even need to worry about this impending feature if you use WhatsApp or other messaging applications that are comparable, since you can easily switch from audio calls to video calls currently.

According to Android Authority, only a small subset of Pixel smartphone owners who have upgraded to Android 14 and have the most recent phone app may currently utilize this feature. In the near future, Google intends to progressively expand this functionality to a wider variety of Android devices.
Once the Meet app is loaded on their devices, Android users will be able to start video conversations with iPhone users in addition to being able to participate in video chats with other Android users.

Users will be prompted to invite the receiver to download the Meet app if they do not already have it. While this functionality works within the Meet app, it is tightly connected with the main phone app to efficiently start video chats.

Android smartphones have more freedom in this aspect than iPhones, where it is not possible to establish a third-party software as the native phone app. Numerous manufacturers of Android smartphones include their own phone applications with their handsets, which allow for features like automated call recording and smooth switching between audio and video chats.

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