OnePlus 12 Software Updated to Enhance Zoom Camera Functionality

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 07 March 2024

OnePlus began to distribute a new software update today. With this upgrade, which is exclusive to the OnePlus 12 range of phones, the camera gets improved. This update, which is around 770MB in size, is known as version for OxygenOS 14, according to a report by the Android Authority. To keep the phones safe, it has a security patch from February even if it doesn't have the most recent one for March.

According to the source, the OnePlus 12's camera has been improved with the latest version. As of for now, there's no word on whether the latest patch will also enhance the OnePlus 12R's photographic capabilities. By just clicking the zoom buttons, owners of OnePlus 12 devices may now swap between different focal lengths with more ease. Additionally, if you enjoy using a 2x zoom for portrait photography, the images ought to be more clear now. However, there's still more good news for selfie enthusiasts. Now, colors will be captured by the front-facing camera more precisely, especially in warm light.

In addition to enhancing the camera, the update brings about a few additional enhancements. It also enhances the phone's network connectivity and makes NFC more reliable and compatible. In addition, it improves system stability overall and resolves a number of flaws that may have been bothering users.
This update has the amazing feature of allowing you to unlock your OnePlus 12 phone even with the screen off since it keeps the fingerprint sensor active.

According to OnePlus, the update will begin to roll out gradually to phones today around the globe. You can manually check the settings for the update if you are unable to wait. You may go to Settings > About Device > Check for Update to see whether your OnePlus 12 has received a new security patch.

This update immediately follows the one from February that gave OxygenOS several AI-powered capabilities. The AI Call Summarizer is one of these capabilities; it provides you with a call summary as soon as the conversation concludes. Furthermore, the "AIGC Remover," a tool like Google's Magic Eraser that uses AI to eliminate unpleasant objects from photographs, was made available to OnePlus 12 users lately. OnePlus is demonstrating its commitment to improving the user experience of its flagship OnePlus 12 series phones with these upgrades.

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