Tips to Balance Work Life and Social Life while Working from Home

By Tanuja Akkannavar Friday, 04 December 2020

Since the lockdown has been implemented due to pandemic, the work from home concept has become the new normal. Most of the companies are functioning their operations using this approach, in the beginning though, it was a difficult system to carry on, but eventually, it flourished out as a successful attempt. Nevertheless, employees following this new notion and are adjusting themselves to this new schedule, and most of them are facing difficulties in balancing their work life and social life while working from home.

Following are some of the tips to balance work life and social life while working from home –

1. Preparing a schedule:
While working from home you can sign in and stay online all the time and work from any place. And this flexibility can often lead to a lack of work-life balance if you are not following any set timetable. Try setting a schedule and sticking to it if you working from home for a longer period, this will benefit the team and your work-life balance. Keep your professional team updated with your schedule and when they can and cannot contact you, and you will be able to schedule personal activities outside the workplace.

2. Prioritize the Work:
Prepare a task list for each day liable on your duties professionally and personally, but keep in mind that you have to prioritize your job first. Keep the important meetings, interviews and office tasks at the priority, complete them and depending on the time remaining, plan the left overworks. Once you finish the professional duties, focus on your personal everyday job.

3. Plan the After Work Activities:
When your living room and your office are in the same place, even if you have closed your laptop and signed off, it may feel impossible to move away from work at the end of the day. Often, if you're already working from the home office, it may seem like there is no need to log off at a certain time. To that end, if you are an employee looking for a little more work-life balance, make arrangements and stick to them for your after-work hours. If the plans include a happy hour with a friend or taking a fitness class, you would be more likely to sign off and stop working if you have somewhere to be at the end of your workday.

4. Avoid Working Overtime on Weekends:
When the employees are working from home there are no restrictions on working hours and days, to attain their objectives as soon as possible, the employees tend to work for a longer time. Avoid working overtime on weekends and keep more time for self and do your favourite activities or spend time with family and friends, in this way you can create a balance between work life and social life.

5. Have Break Time:
Take care of yourself, just like the way you stick to a call or a particular work assignment, make sure that you apply the same discipline outside of work to your life. It is important for a healthy mental state and wellbeing, take breaks and do something that lightens your mood and mind or calls your friends and relatives, read the book you love. This will help you to refill the energy that you need to complete all the tasks planned for the day.

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