How to Develop a Business Continuity Plan during Lockdown

By Tanuja Akkannavar Wednesday, 08 April 2020


Tanuja Akkannavar

The Covid-19 lockdown is changing all the dimensions of the companies and businesses. Some of the companies are restricting their functions while some other companies are undergoing losses, the major factor that the companies have to concentrate is on their business continuity. The organizations have to work accordingly in order to develop effective business continuity plans and strategies to keep their operationslive during this lockdown.

  • Every company has to be ready with certain plans and strategies to face sudden business adversities, which may occur anytime for any reason, for example, the present lockdown that have made the companies slowdown their functions. For every such situation a company has to develop few strategies that will help them in business continuity, as every situation differs the solutions should also fit accordingly. In this period of lockdown the firms have to develop certain business continuity plans, and how to develop strong and effective business continuity strategies is given below:
  • Research about your Products and Services –

The first step while crafting effective business continuity plans is to have knowledge andan elaboratedbackground study about the demands that your goods and services have in the market. The companies should know, which product or service has major contribution to their revenue and help their company run its business actively in this period of lockdown. Also, how well a company can gather resources to keep their business going and provide required products and services to the consumers is also an important factor to be noticed.

  • Ways to Reach your Consumers –

While offering products and services to your consumers, the companies have to plan well that how to reach out to their consumers. Due to lockdown the supply chain management of the organizations will be disturbed, the companies will not be able to supply their productseasily, some of the restrictionsframed by the government have to be followed. So, the organizations have to build right plans to provide the needy products and services to their consumers.

  • Protect your Employees –

To keep your business activein the market by offering required products and services, the role of the employees play a major role. The safety and security of the employees amid this Covid-19 outbreak have to be ensured by a company because, the employees areworking for their company risking their lives. Build strategies in which the employees can work under safety guidelines and can render their services without any threat to their health. Create specific plans like working on alternative days, work from home, working in shifts, tracking the employ’s work and many more.This is the time when a company has to maintain their employees trust bysecuring their jobs by providing required facilities.

  • Communication –

A company should build a strong communication among the employees to provide the goods and services on right time to the consumers. Also, the organizations have to maintain good communication with the shareholders, and adding to this they should communicate with the dealers as well. In this time of lockdown an organization should uphold their relation with the investors which will help them in producing goods and services, along with the dealers that will assist them in reaching their consumers.

Some of these above explained steps can help the companies in building several productive business continuity plans and sustain well in the market during this lockdown period.

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