Best Way to Find a Job in Australia as a Backpacker

By Team Consultants Review Thursday, 30 January 2020

Best Way to Find a Job in Australia as a Backpacker

If you have been caught up by the fact that Melbourne, Australia, is the most livable city in the world, this article will appeal to you. Extraordinary as it seems, Melbourne is an innovative city famous for its world-class landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and a non-existent language barrier. Hence all of the people you meet in Melbourne understand and speak English.

However, Australia is not a cheap place to travel to. The continent’s large size demands long domestic coaches and flights. Food and accommodation can level head your expectations, although it is quite more expensive than in the United Kingdom. If you have been planning in sojourning for a while, you might as well find a job. But the questions for which most backpackers need to know the answers are how to find a job and how hard are it to find one?

Finding a job overseas is sometimes a bold decision. You have to broaden your horizons by trying out different ways of finding jobs. You can apply online and work during flexible hours or involve yourself in labor jobs. Luckily for you, Victoria is a rapidly growing state in Australia. You can find jobs in Melbourne since it is the most technologically advanced city, but of course, there is a vast competition.

But before actually thinking of flying in Melbourne, here are some of the documents you must prepare first. If you are not a citizen of Australia, you will need the following:

  • Working holiday visa 
  • Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Australian Bank Account
  • Certificates or proof of specialization of skills
  • Up-to-date ready-made resume for Australian clients
  • Australian Sim Card

Take note that a standard working holiday visa is only allowed for a maximum of six months under one employer. It is also best to apply for these documents before you arrive, to save you a lot of time and help you immediately start working without a lot of hassle. Getting the documents ready is the easy part. Next comes the actual pitching and finding a job.

Guide on applying for a job in Australia as a backpacker

  1. Establish your employment portfolio for Australia. It is the collection of your qualifications or certificates you have. Attach your recently made projects or offered services. Together with it are your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and your cover letter. Make sure to research about your prospective employer and get ready for your job interview (for office and professional jobs).
  2. Do not get picky, especially if you are finding jobs in Melbourne. As a backpacker, you should accept what comes at your door. Remember that it is for a short period and you need additional money to cover up your expenses. 
  3. If you cannot find a job in a place, for example, Melbourne, move around. There are a lot of states in Australia opting for part-time employees, especially in the peak seasons of their businesses.
  4. Find a hostel near the coastal capital city. Make the most out of your stay by making sure to get information from locals and workers. Be sure to act friendly and inviting. Typical backpackers’ jobs that are always available are fruit picking, telesales, and promotions. Take note that the fruit picking season usually starts in December and extends until May.
  5. Be open in traveling around and enjoying every minute of your stay. The more you keep moving, the more chances you will have in finding a job. Be sure to budget wisely, especially in your first months. It helps you to prevent a major stress attack worrying about money.

Always remember that you are doing this to get you by with the expenses of getting to extraordinary places. You are not building a career; you are looking for money and experiences to tell. Living and working in another country is life-changing. All the money you earn can take you to many places and create memories worth sharing.

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