Things To Consider Before Switching Company

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Saturday, 09 October 2021

Earlier it was quite common for a person to join an organization at the commencement of his/her professional career and would retire from the same organization. As the times have changed, switching jobs has become an important career decision in one’s life, who is eager to witness more growth and better package. But before switching companies, there are some important factors that should never be ignored. While taking the right decision can benefit you impeccably, a wrong move can drag you to couple of years back. There also have been few instances in which after taking the wrong turn, the professionals were never again able to get back to their position before the change.

Therefore, to embark on a faster trajectory which can take you in the direction of promotions, pay-raises, and success at a faster pace, you should consider the below-mentioned factors before switching your firm.


Although salary is one of the most important factors to opt for switching jobs, it is not the only factor to consider. While comparing the new salary with the current one, the factors such as PF Contribution made by the company and total working days in a week. If you are offered a higher salary but simultaneously told to have a six-days working week instead of five days per week, then you will be working 52 extra days in a year and the raise won’t matter much. Also, if you’re unsure about the standard payment for someone at your professional level, it is better to do a little research to find out what professionals in the similar domain are being paid.

Work Environment

Work environment or the professional atmosphere is another crucial factor which should never be ignored. Get a fair idea about the work culture of your work company and see if you fit in.  Proper work environment will enable you to communicate freely with various levels of management. Check if the environment is cooperative and if you are going to be challenged at the new workplace. This will not only enhance your scope of growth but will enable you with the opportunity to learn more.

Work-Life Balance

Career goals and lifestyle are equally important. Work and life balance is equally important and you should always enquire about company’s culture, work environment, working hours per day, and so on. Try to know your employer’s expectations from you. Are you expected to do overtime, or stay after the working hours or to be on call over holidays or on the weekend? These are some of the red flags that are important to throw a glance at before switching you company for good.

Location and Commuting Time

If your new job needs you to relocate to a new city or country, this crucial question is important. It is necessary to do extensive homework and research on the potential new place, and get to know the important factors such as the standard of living of the new place. Even if you are switching within the same city, analyze the extra hours you have to commute. Although this aspect seems a bit trivial, but travelling for long time can reduce your work effectivity, make you tired whole day, leads to stress, and affects mood.

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