Tata and Nissan have Unveiled a Service Plan for Cyclone Michaung Victims

By Consultants Review Team Saturday, 09 December 2023

Tata Motors has launched a service plan to help customers affected by Cyclone Michaung in Tamil Nadu and parts of Andhra Pradesh. The corporation has put in place a comprehensive service plan for its passenger and electric vehicles.

As a result, the normal warranty and yearly maintenance contract time for vehicles in the impacted zone have been extended. Tata Motors has also established a 24-hour helpline at 1800-209-9292 where customers can contact them. "The helpline serves as a central hub for emergency assistance, offering timely support," the business said in a statement on Saturday.

To address incidents, a dedicated road assistance staff has been established, with priority given to customer call dates and area accessibility. "This ensures a streamlined response to the unique needs of each affected customer," the company stated in a statement.

Customers can also get free towing help, which is a lifeline during these difficult times. "Additionally, the company has deployed Flatbed Bed Trucks, Under wheel Lifts, and more towing vans to enhance on-ground resources, reinforcing our commitment to provide robust towing assistance," the company said in a statement.

Nissan Motor Company's Strategy

Nissan Motor, a Japanese automaker, launched a comprehensive package of support services for customers affected by Cyclone Michaung on Saturday. Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd announced the establishment of a separate helpdesk and contact call center to assist flood-affected customers.

According to a corporate release, the company has also provided free towing vehicle support, claims filing assistance, and special deals on floor carpet replacement, among other things. The Chennai workshops will be open late to better assist customers, and a 10% discount on engine oil and oil filter changes has been offered, according to the company.


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