Should Companies continue with Work from Home post Pandemic

By Niveada U Friday, 02 July 2021

It’s been more than a year where employees are doing their work from home and companies are providing them all the tools in order to make them comfortable with the remote working situation. This was a huge step taken by the companies and made employees a really suitable makeover to work with a lot of positive benefits which tends the companies to think about continuing with work from home (WFH) post-pandemic. Better work-life balance with optimistic advantages on employers, employees, environment, and much more are the add-on benefits of WFH and now, let's look at some of the other notable advantages of continuing with the WFH model post-pandemic.  

1.Increase in Demand for WFH from the Employees –

Working from home has become much easier and productive in this pandemic situation. Employees are less distracted in their environment of home spends on their assigned work without deviations compared to the workplace where they get distracted with co-workers and other issues. Also, a decrease in commute in work which is a time consumption energized the employees to do more productive things in that saved time.

2.Awareness of Cost-Saving Opportunities –

Both the employee and employer will be having an opportunity of cost-saving. As there won't be any commuting costs, you can save that which is obviously a work from home benefit which can be utilized for any other personal purpose or can be saved up for the future. Also, you will be working from your home office which will reduce much cost without having any excuses from the company for buying or repairing this which is an advantage of both the office or company and work from home situation. Making changes as remote working could also impact the tax burden of the company which is a huge benefit of employers.

3. Reduces Stress and Add a Healthier Environment –

Work from home is really a stress buster and a health improver. Remote works can make a lot of things easier and quick which includes having lunch with families or friends, walking or listening to music in your breaks, few simple stretches or breathing for being productive and having a positive attitude towards the work. Setting up the work home office with adding your creativity and things that make you to be more productive throughout the shift timings will also make up a change in the attitude of work to which you are committed towards. These also benefit the employer by having healthier and stress-free employees.

4. Optimistic Environmental Impact –

Remote working is making a great impact in the environment by, decrease in office energy, paper usage, usages of traveling and much more. Less use of vehicles which positively impacts in reducing the air, noise pollution. Without traveling in vehicles for work and only for a necessary purpose, thereby emission of greenhouse gases, energy usages are reduced as well as savings of oil reaches in peek. A decrease in health impacts in human beings caused by the pollutions emitted by vehicles is another great advantage of WFH.

The corporate realm is gearing up towards a new normal and WFH model has proven to be effective during times of pandemic and lockdown. Following this model in the post-pandemic world can also be effective and it will allow the employees to work from a location that they feel most comfortable in. 

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