Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has been Selected Time's 'CEO of the Year' for 2023

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 08 December 2023

Despite a turbulent month at OpenAI, Sam Altman has been chosen Time magazine's "CEO of the Year" for 2023. Altman has received recognition for his services to the technology industry. It stated that ChatGPT had over one million users within five days of its launch in November 2022. It now has 100 million users, a milestone that Facebook accomplished in 4.5 years.

OpenAI claimed $28 million in income in 2022, but this increased to $100 million per month in 2023. While many tech companies were laying off employees, OpenAI embarked on a hiring binge. Following the huge success of ChatGPT, the business introduced GPT-4 in March of this year. This improved version was significantly more capable than its predecessor, as it could analyze images and create dependable code in a variety of major programming languages. When asked about this period of his career's success, Altman told Time, "We definitely accelerated the race, for lack of a more nuanced phrase."

While handling artificial intelligence hearings before the US Senate, Altman also went on a world tour, visiting India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. Several government officials have also recognised and emphasized the importance of an AI policy.

Time Magazine reported that OpenAI board members were concerned about Altman's actions because he "had a tendency to play different people off one another in order to get his desired outcome." It was also discovered that Altman made certain that all information was channeled through him. On November 17, the board of directors fired Altman, claiming he was "not candid enough with his communications with the board members."

Following the incident, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hired Altman. Employees of the company reacted angrily to Altman's dismissal. They even threatened to resign if the board did not step down. Altman was re-hired as CEO of the company after 5 days of drama, with new faces on the board.

"The best interests of the company and the mission always come first," Altman wrote later. It is apparent that there were serious disagreements between me and board members. I appreciate the board's unbiased investigation of all recent events." Notably, Taylor Swift was named 'Person of the Year,' and Lionel Messi was named 'Athlete of the Year' by Time Magazine.


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