Optimizing Organizational Performance with Contingent Workforce Management

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Thursday, 17 October 2019

With companies looking forward to acquiring a skilled set of professionals, contingent workers are becoming the norm. Providing access to talent and specialized skill sets, this agile workforce is preferable by most of the companies for short and long term projects due to a reduction in costs. Quite different from the regular employees, the contingent workforce consists of independent contractors, freelancers, and non-permanent workers who come with their own set of challenges. Split between the fragmented supervision of the company HR and procurement teams, mismanagement of this labor force often leads to extra administration effort, wasted time and higher cost. To help HRs come out of this sticky situation and properly manage the contingent employees of the organization, the undermentioned points will certainly help.

  1. A suitable working environment: Office environment and workspace plays a significant role in boosting the performance of the employee. For achieving high productivity from the contingent workforce, set them a space in the organization instead of dispersing them in a corner.
  2. Connection with teammates: After joining the organization conduct a healthy introduction of the contract workers with their teammates to incorporate a sense of belonging among the workers. By helping them to connect with other colleagues will reduce anxiety and they will feel more like contributing towards the company.
  3. Enhance their association with the company: Try to indulge the temp hires in the company activities by encouraging them to take part in meetings, seminars, and conferences. Apart from their contribution to it, they will learn more about the project they are working in.
  4. Outsourcing Managed service provider (MSP): If the company does not own expertise for managing a contingent workforce, then it can be outsourced to an MSP. By doing this the company will have access to experts who can appraise, remodel and update the current management processes of the company, to get the most out of contingent workers.
  5. Reorganizing the departments of the company: Instead of scattering the temp employees into different departments will create an uneven management system leading to timeconsuming administration and incompatible paying procedures.
  6. Budget Management: Apart from drawing fewer benefits, the paycheque received by the contractual hires is also less than the permanent employees. The last thing to happen is the profligacy of their money by the management. Along with their salary, try to award them with bonuses and incentives which will motivate them to work harder for the company.

By managing the contingent workforce appropriately, the organization can access to some of the best endowments, bright perspectives, and a more diversified workforce with a reduced cost.  To yield the efficiency and productivity of temp hires for the growth and success of the company, an effective contingent workforce management system is certainly the need of the hour.

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