Meta is closing Threads in Turkey in Response to a Court Ruling on Data Sharing with Instagram

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Meta, the social networking behemoth, is facing yet another regulatory roadblock, this time in Turkey. The business declared that it will "temporarily" shut down its close friends app, Threads, in the nation beginning April 29th. This ruling came after the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) ordered an interim injunction against Meta for its data-sharing activities with Threads and Instagram.

Why the shutdown?

A Data Sharing DisputeThe TCA criticized Meta's automated linkage of user data between Threads and Instagram, claiming it occurred without user authorization. They feel Meta's approach "will lead to irreparable harms" and constitutes a "abuse of dominant position" in the Turkish market. The TCA thinks that this relationship exists simply to increase Meta's overall "market power."

Rather than adjust the data connection between the two applications in Turkey, Meta has decided to discontinue Threads entirely. The corporation claims that this is a temporary measure while they appeal the order, but no date for that procedure has been provided. Meanwhile, Meta encourages Turkish users to deactivate or completely erase their Threads accounts. Deactivation lets users to possibly reactivate their posts and conversations "if Threads returns" in Turkey.

The Road Ahead: Appeal and User OptionsMeta firmly opposes the TCA's interim ruling and argues that they meet all Turkish legal criteria. They plan to appeal the judgment, aiming to "bring Threads back to people in Türkiye as quickly as possible."

Before the April 29th closure, all Threads users in Turkey will be notified and given the opportunity to remove or deactivate their profiles. Deactivation provides the opportunity to reactivate their profiles if Threads returns to the Turkish market.

This issue underscores the persistent conflict between data privacy concerns and the revenue practices of large technology businesses. As the tale progresses, it will be interesting to watch how Meta's appeal plays out and what the future holds for Threads in Turkey.

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