You Could Soon Speak with an AI Version of your Favorite Instagram Influencer

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 16 April 2024

In November of last year, allegations circulated that Instagram was developing a feature that would allow users to create their own AI chatbots. According to a Techcrunch post from the time, these chatbots may be personalized based on the user's gender, age, ethnicity, personality, and hobbies. According to the study, after personalising the chatbot, users may name it, give it an avatar, and communicate with it via a chat window. However, little progress has been made in this regard, and no more information on the feature has appeared in recent months. While we may not see the capability to develop a chatbot anytime soon, certain influencers may already have it.

According to the New York Times, Instagram is testing a new tool that might make life easier for its most popular content creators. The social media giant is testing Creator AI, an artificial intelligence technology that allows influencers to engage with their followers via automated messages that appear to be from the influencers themselves.

This new feature is intended to manage answers in direct messages and may eventually operate in the comments area as well. Initially, the messages will plainly disclose that they were created by AI.According to the article, this system intends to assist popular creators in managing the enormous quantity of messages and comments they receive on a daily basis, allowing them to stay in touch with their following without sacrificing their time.

The New York Times lists numerous people who have been briefed on the endeavor as its sources. The publication's sources provided information on the condition of anonymity since they are not authorized to talk publicly about the project.

According to the article, artists will have control over the data used by the AI to emulate their communication style, which will be based on previous posts, messages, and even audio snippets from their Instagram activity. They may also pre-set replies to certain inquiries to make conversations more personal.

Instagram has millions of followers worldwide, making it one of the most popular social media platforms for connecting fans with their favorite celebrities. And if this functionality is implemented, it will be interesting to observe how influencers and their communities respond to the new manner of utilizing social media.

It is yet unclear if the function would be confined to influencers or made available to the entire public. We may have to wait for an official notification on the same.

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