Is Your Company Ready For the New Age Learning?

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Monday, 30 September 2019

On a daily basis, technology keeps on evolving and along with its advancement, it is leading to new discoveries. With each passing day, we are witnessing the rise and fall of industries based on their correlation with rapidly changing revolution of technology referred as ‘new age learning’. Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster, Xerox and Hitachi are just a few examples of the industrial giants who failed miserably due to lack of innovations. With advancement of technology the companies should keep their employee future-ready by introducing them to new trends beforehand in order to cope with any kind of technological disruptions.

To remain ahead of competitors, and to remain in the play, a new age leader should always be ready for the new age learning by keeping the below-mentioned points in their mind:

  1. Look for Learners While Hiring: As a leader, search for the minds which are enthusiast to learn new skills. A person might be performing well today, but without any interest or desire to acquire new skills, they won’t be able to sustain the competitions in the upcoming future.
  2. Monitor Employee Progress and Productivity: By staying up-to-date with the issues in the organization, keep track whether the projects are on the track i.e. getting completed on time or not. Constantly encourage everyone to do their best work by motivating them to learn new skills which will help them in future.
  3. Employee Performance Evolution: Make the employees aware of their faults and shortcomings and guide them how to fix it. By analyzing their skill set, give them the opportunity to transfer into other departments where they maybe better suited. This will make them realize that not only their skills are valuable but they are also vital for the organization.
  4. Encourage Open Communication by Staying Virtually Connected: Entering the company data into an online portal can give helpful information about organization’s overall performance along with a competitive edge to the employees as everyone will see their work details along with co-workers. This will encourage the employees to improve themselves as everyone will reach out to each other encouraging discussion and debate. Helping the employees in dealing with their weaknesses will not only enhance their skills but also maximize the company performance by encouraging increased productivity.
  5. Help Employees To Stay Up-To-Date: Keep an eye on the changing market trends and strategies, and look for the services that specialize in providing up-to-date learning about technology. Try to figure out the skills your employees need to develop based on current and future scenarios. With due time let your employees learn and practice all the new skills to tackle the upcoming challenges ahead.
  6. Rewards and Encouragement: When recognised and awarded, employees tend to work better. Encourage them to adapt themselves with the changing trends of technology by rewarding those who show more interest towards learning and acquiring new proficiency.

In today’s evolving market, technological innovation is a crucial thing that decides the growth or demise of the company. How much significance does knowledge of technology hold in the competitive market can be well illustrated by the companies like Reliance JIO, AT&T and Netflix who have grabbed the opportunity and tasted success within a short period of time. Leaders in today’s organizations should encourage employees to adapt and learn to be future-ready in order to stay competitive and fulfil their dreams.

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