Instagram Users Now Get Privacy Controls And Data Sharing Transparency

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 19 October 2023

Meta Platforms has implemented measures to improve user privacy, allowing Instagram users to select whether or not the site tracks their online behaviour. This advancement is part of Meta's efforts to address concerns about customer data abuse and false privacy agreements.

The freshly released tool, dubbed "Activity Off-Meta Technologies," allows users to stop Instagram from collecting data on their online activities. Instagram users can also check the list of businesses that are sharing their data with Meta and opt to disconnect or delete the accumulated information as they see fit.

"Activity Off-Meta Technologies allows you to manage how information other businesses send us is connected to your Facebook and Instagram accounts," Meta explained. You may quickly evaluate the businesses that are exchanging data with Meta, disconnect specific ones to further personalize your experience, or completely clear this data - the choice is yours."

Meta is improving the functionality of the Accounts Centre in addition to the data tracking controls. Users can now move their Instagram photographs and videos to other platforms while simultaneously downloading data from both Facebook and Instagram, according to this change.

The Accounts Centre acts as a centralized hub for managing settings across several apps. Users may set their preferences across all Meta apps at the same time, making it a simple alternative for those looking for consistent settings.

Nonetheless, the Accounts Centre enables flexibility for customers who choose different settings for each app. It enables users to customize settings for particular apps. For example, you might want the same privacy settings on Facebook and Instagram but different notification options. The Accounts Centre allows you to easily customize these choices in one place.


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